Dexcom latest shipping X2 doesn't work with G5

according to the regional rep. She said she didn’t know if there were any left to ship out that will pair with a G5, but going forward she said they will only work with G6. I’m not talking about basal IQ, either–just the display of glucose numbers. If you already know that, you got your info before I did, and have a nice day! :slight_smile:


The USA version of the Tandem t:slim X2 has three software configurations:

  • Base X2 (no cgm integration)
  • G5 Integration
  • Basal-IQ and G6 Integration

AFAIK there are no other (current) X2 software configurations in the USA.

The third software update (Basal-IQ and G6) specifically removes the capability to integrate with the G5.

Whether or not one could request an X2 direct from Tandem which only has the G5 software update (ie - is NOT already loaded with the Basal-IQ/G6 update) is a good question.

Also AFAIK there is no method for a home user to rollback an update to a previous software configuration.