Tandem tslim x2 how does dexcom work in conjunction with pump

My daughter is about to start on her first pump next week. She has a dexcom G5 and is getting the tslim X2. We don’t have the basal IQ yet here in Canada with the G6. I am curious to know how the G5 works with the pump. Is it simply that you can see the CGM graph on the pump or does it relay information to the pump to be used in calculating boluses? Or, do you always have to input the blood glucose reading in order for it to factor that information into the bolus calculation? I know with basal IQ the pump will suspend insulin if it predicts a low, but is this the only time the pump uses CGM data to deliver or suspend insulin?


Be aware that most people have experience with the US version of the X2 for the simple reason that international sales (including Canada) have only recently started.

The software loaded on the international pumps is NOT the same as the US pumps.

Point being, you would likely get the best information from the Canadian X2 User Guide or call Tandem Technical Support and specifically let them know you are from Canada.

Something this specific that gets responses from the US based population of X2 users is quite possibly going to be misleading.


Okay. Will do. Pump training is next week so we’ll be educated then. Thanks.

My suggestion would be to read the X2 User Guide in advance of the pump training. You will get more from the training and then be able to focus in on areas that were less than clear in the User Guide.

The User Guide is IMHO a very good document and worth the time and effort to read through in detail.

Canadian Version
Tandem t:slim X2 User Guide w/ Dexcom G5 cgm

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When you first turn your pump on, you will go through a one-time startup where I expect you will choose the language your pump will operate on. I would be quite interested if you took a look at the complete list (you may have to scroll to see all the choices) and provide the list here as you see it.

The screen shot in the early part of the document lists:
Deutsche, English, Espanol, and Francais with a down scroll arrow indicating additional choices.

The specifications at the end of the document list:

Can be set to English, Danish, French, Norwegian, or Swedish

So I am left wondering what languages exactly the Canadian version supports. Which would lead to my larger question. Is the software as loaded into the Candian X2 the same as the software as loaded into the European X2.


Jeez. I don’t remember seeing any language options. It just turned on to the main t slim screen. I had to adjust the time but that was it. I don’t recall selecting a language. I am pretty sure I would remember if it gave me that many choices.
I agree. It is an excellent manual. I have read it once and have toyed with the simulation app, but will read the manual again in it’s entirety before Monday’s training.

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That is odd. Certainly in Canada it would be required to have French and English at a minimum.

In any event - good luck with the pump. Hopefully the training event goes well and you have a good trainer. Once our initial training was over, we never saw or had any contact with our trainer again. After that, if I had any questions, it was either looking it up in the User Guide, asking on the forums or calling Tandem Technical Support. I will call Tech Support just for questions even if we have no urgent problem.

There are many people with the X2 on these forums but the screens do have a number of differences between the Canadian version and the US version so just keep that in mind if any replies seem to just not make sense based on what you are seeing.


I missed this. Apparently it does use CGM data for calculations. At least it says it does in the manual. Tandem told me the opposite. Hope the manual is correct.

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It does not in the USA.

Almost certainly, this was Tandem confusion on USA vs Canada.

Certainly not the only difference in the software between the X2 in the USA vs Canada (not even taking into account Basal-IQ difference)

Thumbs up on the User Guide. That will get you far.


My apologies, I’ve forgotten which province you’re in. Has your provincial gov’t approved the TSLIM X2 (for provincial pump funding)?

I’m in Alberta where we’re still waiting. I heard from Tandem rep Mar 21st and they were (still) waiting for a response from Alberta Pump Program:

Tandem Diabetes Care - Alberta Pump Program Update (Mar 21 2019)

*Hello, Hope you are doing well! *
We are following up to advise that the Alberta Pump Program coordinator indicated they are mailing us a letter regarding our application. We will share the outcome of the letter with you once received,
If you have any questions, please let us know.

Liam Gerussi
Pump Therapy Sales Specialist - Canada

I am in Ontario and we have received the pump and are scheduled for training on Monday. The ADP funding came through here about a month ago. We’re very excited. My daughter is 17 and this is her first pump after five years on MDI. She’s headed off to University this fall to become a nurse and then a diabetic educator. I am hoping this pump makes things easier and less hassle for her.


I’ve was on MDI for 50 years before I finally got a pump/CGM combo. I compare it to being legally blind most of my life to now having near perfect vision.

The first month or so takes some getting used to pumping, but I’d never go back to MDI.

You both have every reason to be excited. Looking forward to hearing about your TSlim experience :+1:t3:

Thank you. Your pump experience is encouraging to hear. The only thing that concerns me is the tubing being bothersome to her but I am sure the benefits far outweigh that.

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You quickly get used to it, and I rarely get my tubing caught up on something. Tubing comes in a variety of lengths, so you can get the shortest you need (or longer if your infusion sites are further away).

Best part of a pump (with CGM) is micro-dosing, which is impossible to replicate with a low dose syringe or pen (giving yourself 0.1 - 0.25units with no fuss)

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I really like ability to do extended bolus.

That too!! :+1:t4:

And completely customizable basal levels for every possible daily twist and turn :+1:t4:

And always having insulin within reach :+1:t4:

Getting back to you on this. We had to reset the pump because it wouldn’t pair with the G5, so we went through the startup screen again with tandem tech support. Indeed, it asked which language:. English, Espanol, French, Italian, svenka, dansk, norsk.

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If that happens again (pair issue), change the G5 cgm transmitter id (on the X2 relevant pump screen) to a bogus id. Enough to just knock the last digit up by one. Click out or save or whatever it asks but to be sure it is accepted. Let it sit 15 minutes. Change the transmitter back to the proper id. See if that is enough to fix it and allow the pairing.

But. Cool to see the list of languages !!!
It is surprising to be lacking German.

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BTW, @Sprocket1. Did you notice the screen on the X2 that asks about the Mobile App?

This is not an available screen on the USA version of the software loaded into the X2.

This would be to connect to the Tandem Mobile App which has been promised for early this year.

Perhaps Canada will get the Tandem Mobile App before the USA gets it?

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(New) Tandem CEO Sheridan. Feb 26, 2019:

As a first step towards mobile control, we plan to launch a mobile application in the first half of this year that will ultimately have this capability and will be offered on both Apple and Android platforms. The first generation of this app will allow wireless uploads from the t:slim X2 pump, which is designed to provide our customers and our healthcare providers with easier and more regular access to pump and blood glucose information. We have a list of features and capabilities that we plan to roll out for this path and stages on a way to the ultimate goal of full control for this device.

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Okay, yes, will do. I did change the transmitter id on the receiver then shut it down so as to avoid any confusion. After it is paired with the sensor started on the pump, we will start sensor on the Dexcom app on the phone.
Also, yes, “mobile connection” with the turn on tab is an option on this pump.

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Hey there
I have been pumping for many years and the tubing has always been a hassle. With my Tandem and the pump ending up on my backside while sleeping when I rolled over, the pump out of range alert would sound because the Bluetooth signal won’t go thru your body. I found a good solution with a waist pack that is unobtrusive and I now wear 24/7 . It works great with the X2 because it is so small. They are inexpensive ($15 dollars US) from Amazon. It is called a UBELT …because of the design? I now have several of them, in case they become unavailable!
Hang in there
Life is good!
I am 77 and T1D for 50 years

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