Tandem T:Slim X2 with Dexcom integration

I’ve been on a medtronic pump for years and I’m thinking about switching to the new Tandem X2.
Towards that end, I’ve been going through the X2 manual

I’ve also been setting up the older T:Slim G-4 simulator app for iphone.
I notice that there is no reference in the new user manual to the “My CGM” screen that appears in the T-Slim G4 model. This makes me think that the X2 is not integrated with the Dexcom CGM.
Can anyone who has a new X2 comment on this? If it’s true it would likely be a deal breaker for me.
Thanks a lot

OK. it looks like there is currently no Dexcom Integration. Tandem is awaiting FDA approval according to this interview.
Actually searching on the FDA’s website, it looks like Tandem has not even submitted anything to the FDA for CGM integration on the new X2 platform. This makes me think that mid 2017 is optimistic for approval.

It’ll be submitted as “substantially equivalent” to a cleared device that’s already on the market (510(k)) rather than be subject to a full PMA. Looks like the base X2 was cleared in under 5 months, so I’m not sure their timeline is unreasonable.

Been waiting for a year for the G5 android app. Hoping x2 won’t take as long.

Just to be clear up front. I don’t have a lot of experience with different pumps, just the first one that I have ever owned, the Tandem Tslim/ Tandem Tslim X2. It was upgraded for free to an X2 as soon as it was released. The selling point for me was that I wanted the G5 instead of the G4, and the X2 will only require a software upgrade when it is ready. I use a smart phone with an apple watch rather then a carry the receiver or constantly check the pump. I check my numbers frequently with my watch and I would hate to pull my Tslim out of my pocket all the time to check the CGM. I love my X2 it is so easy to use, but then again I have nothing to compare it to. I will l take the software upgrade, or any free software upgrade when’d ready. It won’t be to use the pump to view my numbers, but for the auto suspend feature when going low at night.

The integration is on the way and I’m hearing Spring or Summer. The bluetooth is in the pump already and can be turned on with a software update.

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This was the most important reason I switched to the X2: the prospects of integration with the Dexcom G5 around the corner!! :slight_smile:

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To Manny’s point, the hardware is already in there. You will be able to take updates as features are available/approved via your computer and USB port. This is what is cool about Tandem, you don’t have to wait 2 years for your warranty to run out and your insurance to kick in for a replacement. I got mine for free, because the X2 was available a month after I bought my Tslim. However, even folks that had owned a Tslim for some time can purchase it for about 10% of the pump price. They want you to have the latest features without a full replacement. The bluetooth is two way, so they plan to also add features that will also allow you to make pump setting changes from your phone.

Interesting viewpoint - maybe this is because I have an Android phone and hence, no G5 app still,* - but I actually think I will like having the G5 data on my pump, so I won’t have to carry the receiver around. (I keep my pump clipped to the edge of my pocket, so looking at it only requires flipping it around and not fiddling with the clip.) At night, I think I might still use the receiver because the alerts are louder, however. Obviously, what I’d really like is for the pump to simply act on the CGM data, without me having to monitor the CGM frequently throughout the day, but we’re not there yet.

Another question I have is that when the G5 integration finally happens and the pump has Bluetooth on 24/7, how will that affect the battery life? Right now I can charge the X2 every three days or so to maintain a charge >60-70%. But my G5 receiver only gets 3-4 days on a charge.

*The G5 Android app is available outside the US in some countries, but only for a subset of Android phones.

From what my Tandem rep told me, they are going to pair the G5 with the predictive low. So it will not just be a simple tie in for the G5, but an upgrade to the software on the X2 to suspend, etc.

Good point on battery life. My phone has noticeable battery use increase as a receiver, but better then the G5 receiver that came with the set. I do think it will have some impact, but I also think the batteries in the X2 perform incredibly well. I am wondering if someone here has the G4 version of the Tandem w/ integration who can way in. Also, you may just want to consider the G4 and upgrade to the x2 later. They have an upgrade program for the G4 model as well, once the x2 is integrated with the G5.

It’s been with the FDA since late last year, and remains pending FDA approval.

Meanwhile, the new one-button inserter is also pending as is the smaller G5x transmitter. The new Dexcom touchscreen receiver has already been approved by the FDA earlier this year, but isn’t yet launched.

Have reported this over the past several months on DiabetesMine.

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So glad to read this post - we’re about to upgrade from Tslim to TSlim X2 specifically to get a Dex Com because we were told at a JDRF convention by the TSlim rep and Dex Com rep that they would be compatible. Definitely upgrading the TSlim but now I’ll wait on the Dex Com.

@Tinalala - My suggestion would be to get the Dexcom G5 also. No reason not to start getting familiar with the CGM and being able to make use of the data provided. The Dexcom CGM is awesome. The data provided is EXTREMELY helpful.

When the FDA approval for the X2/G5 integration goes through, the X2 will be able to be remotely upgraded via software download for the integration. No changes will be required on the Dexcom G5 so no particular reason to wait on that.

This has been revised by Dexcom. The new inserter will be launched as part of the G6 system.

Dexcom Earnings Call for second quarter 2017
August 1, 2017
Kevin Sayer, CEO of DexCom

"With respect to our product pipeline, we continue to have regular interactions with the FDA. Our G6 pivotal study is complete, and we plan to submit our PMA by the end of the third quarter. As we have referenced in a number of our recent updates, because of the progress we are making on our G6 submission, we have assessed our launch timing for the new applicator configuration with G5 compared to a full G6 launch and have made the decision to withdraw our FDA filing for the new insertion system in the G5 configuration.

The gap between the launch of this G5 configuration and G6 continues to narrow, reaching a point where the operational strain associated with launching a new applicator and sensor platform less than a year apart no longer makes strategic sense."

… clip …

“We have a new receiver we’re launching here in the fall that will be here for the patients.”
(While not mentioned in THIS call specifically as “touchscreen” the only logical conclusion with a “new” receiver is actually the “touchscreen” receiver such that one would assume the CEO is confirming the 2017 Fall launch of the G5 touchscreen receiver)

The FDA has (finally!!!) approved the Tandem t:slim X2 integration with the Dexcom G5 (today).


This is great! I can’t wait to get the update email with my “update id”. I’ve got the uploader downloaded and ready to roll! :tada:

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I called Tandem support - I can pay $799 for a new X2 (currently tslim) - but my insurance allows me to get a new pump in December '18 - and the $799 one does not affect my warranty - so i will wait until 2018 - and save some money - integrated is a nice to have - not a must have

@Mike_Gibbons - Totally agree. The Integration is nice but this is not the end game. By the time you upgrade in Dec '18, the next upgrade for the Predictive Low Glucose Suspend (PLGS) should have been pushed out and possibly even the one after that which is Hybrid Closed Loop (HCL).

Certainly it is these two which we REALLY want. However the G5 integration is an absolute necessary step towards that direction as the G5 sensor would clearly be the source of BG data.

Along the way we are also hoping to get remote pump capabilities. Although not in the Tandem public pipeline, they did just receive a patent for this so clearly they are working on it. We would find the remote to be quite useful.
“The patent generally relates to using a software application operating on a remote consumer electronic device to initiate, program and deliver a medicament bolus to a patient using a medical infusion pump where the pump provides an indication of the bolus, such as by an audible or vibration alert.”

It certainly is possibly this remote bolus feature may be saved for a future pump but it would be nice if this is made available to the X2 as another software download.

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I called in and they said they would start sending out emails in about 24 hours to people to get started on the updates.
Obviously they will do this in batches, and they didn’t give any idea of what size and time frame for those batches.

If you are wanting to get the update, it probably wouldn’t hurt to give customer support a call to verify your email, etc with them so they know to email you with all the info to update.

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