Dexcom Medicare back to normal?

Dexcom Medicare direct delivery supplies appear to be getting back to normal. May 2019 was the first month this year that I once again received the monthly email from Dexcom for re-ordering sensors/test strips/lancet supplies and the supplies arrived 3 days later by FedEx.

The only issue was that for some odd reason they sent me a transmitter along with my order. Somehow there appears to be a transmitter re-order glitch in their system because they have sent me a transmitter with a few of my last orders and I now have 3 spares.

The universe is not fair :joy: I haven’t had a transmitter since mid-April (it failed) and can’t for the life of me get them to send me one!

Is the error on the medicare side or the dexcom side, you think?

If your transmitter failed within warranty, did you contact Technical support, or try to reorder?

You will get replacement by calling Technical support.

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No problems here in 18-20 months worth of monthly ordering w/ Medicare, direct from Dexcom. One or two 2-5 day delays are about the only things that cropped up.

Many times :slightly_smiling_face:

I want to report a positive and friendly conversation with a native English speaking Dexcom customer service person. I called to initiate a Dexcom G5 Medicare order.

The customer service was excellent. The person was knowledgable, polite, and a good listener.

I’ll see how it goes from here but I’m encouraged by this interaction.

I’ve been a long-time G4 user who had been getting my insurance coverage from a private insurance contract that included the G4 even though Medicare did not. I let that policy lapse at the beginning of this year and, as my G4 supplies dwindle, I need to get set up with the G5. My current coverage is traditional Medicare with a supplement policy. I had hoped to be able to transition straight to the G6 but could not.

I realize the difficulty many here have experienced recently with Dexcom customer service. I hope that my positive experience is indicative of a Dexcom customer service rehabilitation.

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