Problems with Byram

Hi - I have 2 questions. Dexcom switched me to Byram earlier this year. Said they no longer supply people on Medicare. Every shipment has been late because they say they need more information from my Dr. I never had this problem with Dexcom.

Question 1: Does anyone on Medicare still get their Dexcom supplies from Dexcom? Did you do anything special to be able to keep Dexcom as your supplier?

Question 2: I also use a pump so I see my Endo every 3 months. The last delay was because Byram said that every time I see my Dr., they need new chart notes. But they also said I’m good for 6 months, assuming I only see my Dr. every 6 months. Will they know when I see my Endo sooner than 6 months and require chart notes again?

They never told me about the shipment delays - I had to contact them to find out what the problem was. Anyway - thanks for any info.

I have not had this trouble with dexcom and I’m not on Medicare, however I had a similar problem with Tandem.

I had my doctor provide the prescription. My insurer provided the green light, but tandem said they needed my doctor to approve it, which is weird because she just wrote the prescription.
I waited a week and called them,They they said she spelled something wrong and had to resubmit. So she did, and then Another week went by and I called the,tandem said the original authorization had expired, it was only a month.
So she resubmitted it, then the next week I call again and they say there is a hold up because they are not sure about the infusion sets my doctor wanted, so she responded, and then the next week I called again to see why I still don’t have it and they told my my authorization had expired again.
I have no idea what goes on over there. They drag their feet long enough for their authorizations to expire and just push it off again and again. No one grabs hold and carries the ball across the finish line. The only phone calls I received from them were reasons they can’t get it done.
No updates no movement.
I wish things could be like they were in the old days.
The company charges the patient. The patient pays it and the insurer pays the patient back.
I know it’s a big outlay in money but it’s faster and less headache

I received a phone call last week telling me I could no longer order from Dexcom direct. I will be using CCS Medical since I have been getting my pump supplies from them with no problems.

Hi @DonR. I was also switched by Dexcom to CCS initially but my secondary insurer is not in their network and it would have cost $50/month. They didn’t tell me that, just billed me $50. Apparently Byram is the only provider who will work with my insurer. Good luck!

@Timothy Yikes! What an ordeal. Hope it gets resolved soon.

Yes, I am on Medicare and continue to get my supplies directly from Dexcom. Dexcom is slowly switching Medicare patients by area and of course I will stay with Dexcom as long as possible. In some areas Dexcom gives you choice to switch and in others Dexcom does not.

As far as doctor notes go, that is one reason I stay on MDI (Multiple daily injections) because Medicare requires Dexcom to have doctor notes every 180 days (not six months) when on MDI but every 90 days (not 3 months) if on the pump and yes they are exactly at those day limits, no exception ever for any reason.

Hi @Gracie9. The transition period to Byram just plain s++++. Once you are in the system with regular resupply shipments, they will send your order with few hassles. When they need chart notes for insurance not Medicare they usually chase them after the fact so you get shipments on time. I too got pushed to Byram by Dexcom, but I already was using Byram for pump supplies so the transition was easier.

It gets better.

Thanks @El_Ver. That’s encouraging. My Endo’s office said they were a good supplier. Guess it just takes time. Thanks.

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Seems like every time I order off of Byram I have the same issues. So I fib a little. I call when I have about a months worth of product left. and I tell them 12 days (wait did I just write that)? I have now stretched it to a little over a month. I know it is a lie, but damn every time I order it takes anywhere form 2 weeks to a month of messing them to get anything.

Always need some backup supplies.

Tried that. Byram said Medicare determines the reorder date. Spoke to Medicare. They understand the problem but can’t move the date up.

Agree. Will be restarting sensor.

i went thru hell w byram and was always out of supplies for this reason. it’s bs excuse. they need the notes to put you on a cgm or pump but then should chase it down after your next orders. there are plenty of other suppliers out there esp for medicare patients. i did research and switched and couldnt be happier

I had great service with my employer insurance with Byram. Got pump, pump sipplies, dexcom through them, easy online reordering and order tracking. They did all contact with dr office, and I got tracking info once shipped.

But now dealing with CCS med, not so happy.

I think medicare adds more to the process requiring doctor notes, etc, which I did not need other than rx renewal, and Byram did that for me.

hmm, i have never had that happen. I have medicare and they ask me how many days remaining supplies I have. Perhaps it is a Dexcom thing. I think I would buy one somewhere and pay full price then be certain to run ahead.


You have painted a dismal picture. Let me answer your questions from my experience.

  1. I am on Medicare and get my G6 supplies from Dexcom. I did nothing special to remain a Dexcom customer. I have a secondary insurance from work that picks up 100% of deductibles and co-insurance.

  2. In regard to pumping with a CGM, Medicare rules are crazy! I have not figured them out completely. Byram (and other DME suppliers) has figured out the Medicare GAME, literally. They have exotic procedures to keep the money flowing and the Medicare rejections to a minimum. Failure means Byram will want their money from you instead of your insurance if they screw up. Seeing (telemedicine is OK) your prescriber every three months is part of the Medicare game. It is good to get all of your supplies from one supplier on the same day each month.

  3. Shipping delays are best managed by marking your calendar with the date of the last shipment from your supplier. Then,
    a. check your prescriber appointment dates and verify you have a provider appointment two weeks before supplies are to be shipped.
    b. investigate getting at home A1c test kits and do your own A1c and have a picture of the test device reading of your A1c. I use A1cNow by pts Diagnostics. Google them.
    c. work with your providers to have everything on the same day of the month, like the 15th, and start the order process 3-5 days in advance. Ask the suppliers to check chart notes, enter the order, and ship on the scheduled date.
    d. work with your doctor’s office so every time they send chart notes to anyone, they send you a copy also. You may want to invest in a HIPAA secure Internet fax service so the doctor’s staff can fax you when they fax the notes to the supplier. I use myFax.
    e. Once you have fine tuned the players, I find the system works like a well oiled machine.

I may have left out a few nuances since the hour is late. Keep the forum informed about how you are progressing on this endeavor.

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Hello 2Jay6. Thanks for the info. I’m not sure Byram would take an A1c reading from me vs. chart notes from my Dr. I will ask for chart notes. Save the Dr. some work.
And another glitch yesterday. I have received 2 shipments from Byram. For the first shipment, they submitted a claim to my secondary ins. and I was billed $8. I just got a bill yesterday for $47 for my second shipment. I called and they never submitted to my secondary ins. I never had any problems with Dexcom. I’m going to contact Dexcom and see if I can switch back. Thanks for the info.

Update: Dexcom said they no longer supply Medicare patients and gave me the name of another company to try - Better Living Now. Anyone ever heard of them?

Personally I have little good to say about Byram’s service across the board. I’m a medicare recipient and they supply my Tandem t:slim X2 supplies. I have experienced shipping delays, severely late deliveries and excuses of missing doctor information all with out merit. They are so disorganized and show no care for the patients health or well being. I stayed with them because I never heard that there any better DME suppliers. Recently Dexcom moved my account to CCM Medical and so far they have been excellent. No excuses, they are in constant communication with my Endo and my deliveries come like clockwork. I’m seriously considering moving my Tandem needs to them too.

The at home A1c is for the doctor. Once the doc records it in your chart, it is a chart entry. DME suppliers should not be inquiring about who did the test. Some small docs might even use the same test.

The claims require constant monitoring. Good luck.

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I came on to say “Oh boy” I am now irritated. I am on Medicare and just got a Dex email that said, in part:
“As part of our mission to focus more on innovation and product improvement, Dexcom has decided to wind down its operations as a Medicare-enrolled supplier of medical equipment. This means that effective September 1, 2020, we will no longer be able to submit claims to Medicare on your behalf.”

Byrum is on the Medicare list I was referred to but in the text before the list it encourages the use of Walgreens. I live near one but use CVS further down the road.
I have found the Walgreens service slow as half frozen mud.
Has anyone using Walgreens for Dex supplies had any trouble getting them on time at a physical Walgreen store? Regardless of the wait time once I get there!
Edgepark is also on the list but 2 years ago they would not use Medicare for Dex supplies and I am not sure that has changed for my state regardless of what Medicare online says.
Edit: Just called my nearby Walgreens and one thing she said was to put my order in way ahead. Medicare won’t allow it too far ahead so that should be interesting. When I suggested 2 weeks she said “at least that” so…