Best Mail Order for infusion sets/Dexcom

My mail order supply company is bad. I have great coverage, but am on Medicare, so they need to take Medicare. Anyone have any company’s they think are good.

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Chances are most are about the same. I use Byram and they are about average.

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My wife has used CCS Medical for at least 5 years for medtronic sets and Edwards for the Libre since medicare approved it with great service from both.

I’ve been ordering my brother’s supplies for 4 years and CCS has probably been the best. I’ve tried 4 companies.

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I just switched my dexcom G6 to pharmacy, but don’t know if medicare allows this. I used to get from CCS med and didn’t like that they sent me 2 transmitters each 6 months. So 2nd one didn’t last as long. Now I get at Costco, with lower cost.

I don’t like CCS Medical, but only option on my plan, so continue to get pump supplies there.

I’m on Medicare and I get my Tandem supplies from Byram and I get my Dexcom supplies from CCS Medical. I really can’t recommend Byram as I have had numerous issues with them messing up my account and delaying my deliveries three times in the last 18 months. I was recently (1/2020) switched over to CCS by Dexcom and i am really impressed with their service and on time deliveries. The are so much better in every way compared to Byram. I considering switching my Tandem pump supplies reordering over to CCS in the near future. Roll the dice and good luck with your selection.

@ali8. Put my vote in for Byram. I have Medicare and secondary insurance. Medicare rents my Tandem tSlim, pump supplies and just now my G6 Dexcom.

Byram has a quirk on CGM supplies. As explained to me, Byram ships CGM supplies every 31 days to stay ‘right’ with Medicare. To ‘fix’ this, they send a bonus sensor every six months and tell you not to report having it when calculating sensors to order. This seemed goofy at first but makes total sense when mapped out. 31 days over six moths is just six days off but you have the extra sensor which is good for 10 days. For those of you in ‘fire service’, instead of a Kelly Day, call it a Kelly Sensor.


I love that

Thank you to everyone that replied. I will take a look at the suppliers
you all mentioned. I am just waiting for my current company to send my supplies and then I will look at switching in case there are any glitches.

i’m using wellstart medical for my cgm. they do 90 day medicare sensor orders. not too many others doing that.

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Edwards does 90 days on the libre - the trick with any of these is to call 3 weeks ahead of your scheduled order to make sure all is in order.

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Thanks for some more suggestions. I started my process a month ago, from private to Medicare and supplemental and after 8 phone calls finally got my infusion sets, and still waiting on my sensors…ridiculous. Everyone blames each other…

I get (Tandem) pump supplies from CCS, but Dexcom sensors from US Medical. Both have been quite good with everything. Of course, I’ve only had the devices since about February. Be sure to check that your companies offer 90-day renewals, if that’s important to you.

I’ve used Byram for over 7 years and thought they were pretty bad.
Then my insurance made me switch to EdgePark, and they were so atrocious that I switched insurance to go back to Byram!


so they break down a box of three and send you a 4th sensor (or one extra) on top of the one box for the month?

No. DexCom packages sensor in 1 & 3 sensors to a box. So the have sensors for replacement already packaged to regulatory standards.

got it. that’s interesting. i thought they only did 3 sensors per box

Typically if you call dexcom to report failed sensor, they ship one sensor. So it appears the distributors are also stocking them too, to fill per doctors RX orders that exceed 4/month.

I have never had an issue with Byram, but EDGEPARK is the worst ever, I have filed numerous complaints with BBB, State Attorney Generals(Texas and Ohio) for balance billing, as soon as they try to balance bill me again for Omnipod supplies I’m terminating my involvement with them.

Can you explain balance billing ? What type of coverage do you have?