DexCom Sensors

I just found out that DexCom has raised the price of the 4 sensor pack to $319 + shipping. If you are willing to subscribe to a regular shipping schedule you can save $30 per pack. Also the serial numbers for new sensors are no longer printed on the packaging. Now, the lot and serial numbers are stamped on the insertion plunger and under the sensor plate that makes contact with the transmitter. The lot numbers are still printed on the packaging.


Aaron: I also learned of the new pricing the last time I ordered a four-pack, but I did not understand the terms of the “regular shipping schedule” pricing. How many sensors do you need to buy each month, and what will those sensors cost?

My insurance contracted rate seems to be the same… my last box, purchased just a couple of weeks ago still came through at $299 and some change… that’s what my insurance pays, which is what I pay since I haven’t met my deductible this year yet.

As I understand the commitment is for 6 boxes of sensors over a one year period. I will be getting one pack of four sensors every other month. However, there seems to be lots of lattitude to speed up or delay deliveries, Since I get two weeks on a typical “good” sensor, this schedule is good for me.