Dexcom / Tandem Integration - Support


When the FDA is approving integrated systems from different companies, an important part of the approval process is very clearly defined procedures for which company supports which portion of the integrated system.

In terms of the Dexcom G6 sensors when being used in an integrated manner with the Tandem t:slim X2 pump, the demarcation line is the conclusion of the two-hour sensor warm-up period.

A sensor issue which occurs prior to the conclusion of the two-hour warm-up such as a G6 sensor insertion issue would be picked up by Dexcom technical support.

A sensor issue which occurs after the two-hour warm-up has completed such as a G6 sensor that does not last the full 10 days would be picked up by Tandem technical support.

As everybody using these systems should be aware, both Dexcom and Tandem have technical support which is always open. 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

A typical question which Technical Support asks is the lot number of the sensor so it is helpful to retain the box until you are completely done with all the sensors which came in the box. As well, it is not unusual for technical support to send a product return kit such that a failed sensor can be returned to them. Point being if you are planning to call technical support for a sensor issue, do not dispose of the sensor prior to the call and determining if Tech Support wants it sent back.


Awesome info!
I just had to call Dexcom for my very first G6 sensor not releasing from the inserter correctly.

And they are sending a return kit. Which I think is a great thing! That means they want to learn what went wrong, and how to fix it.

I did NOT know about the cut-off on when I should call Dexcom vs Tandem though. This is very handy, and will save time on hold with the wrong technical support company…


To me that makes no sense. I would be more likely to call Dexcom for any sensor issues. Who handles the replacements of the sensor after the 2 hour warmup. Tandem??


I have had Tandem send out a new G5 TRANSMITTER before. So it wouldn’t surprise me that they would send out sensors as well.


Neat, since Dexcom’s documentation says that a sensor lasts 9.35 days. Buy Dexcom, not Tandem (seriously.)

To quote the sage, “He who picks up the stuff shall eventually be buried in said stuff.”

John Bowler


Exactly. That is what I am saying in my post.


Sorry I missed Tandem will replace your sensor in your post.


I though the warm up was only 1 hour now with g6?



Two hours warm-up with the Dexcom G6. No change with that.


Ugh. You would think something like that which has no technical reason could be improved at least. And I dont want to deal with tandem for sensors. I will go through dex if possible.



The FDA requires the companies involved in integration systems to have very specific procedures on support. What the FDA clearly wants to ensure is that an end-user does not end up with each company pointing the finger at the other company and the end-user left in the middle.

Both Dexcom and Tandem have excellent technical support.

I called Dexcom Technical Support and when I told them the issue was with a G6 sensor used with a Tandem pump and that the specific issues was after the two hour warm-up period in that the sensor ended on day #8, they transferred me over to Tandem Technical Support. Tandem was very easy as they simply asked what day the sensor died and the lot number of the sensor (I always keep the empty box until we are completely done with the equipment). No big deal.

Even if you call the wrong company, they can quickly transfer you to the other.

Really not an issue. From my point of view.


I recently had a transmitter failure which also caused me to waste a sensor. The information on this page had not been disseminated to users so I called Dexcom. Dexcom referred me to Tandem because I use my pump to view data. Tandem logged my call, but could not tell me if I would get an email when shipped and a tracking number. I called Tandem the next day to find if they had ship status and tracking info. I was told they have no way to determine if shipped etc because Dexcom actually ships the replacements and return kit. I called Dexcom hoping they could shed some light. I was fortunate to connect with a wonderful support rep named Eve from Dexcom who kept working the issue with Tandem until I got an answer (Thanks Eve, you were awesome). I did receive a call back later from Tandem indicating that it might be Tuesday before I received replacements. I originally called on Wed and was being told no replacements until Tuesday of the following week which meant I was flying blind for 5.5 days. Note: I can no longer feel when I am low or high so it was very stressful. I did receive the replacement and return kit the following Monday without ever getting a ship email and tracking number. I don’t have a problem with calling Tandem, but their current process is broken. Both Tandem and Dexcom need to be able to see the status and someone, I assume Tandem, needs to be able to provide tracking info. Also 3-5 days for shipment of a replacement transmitter sucks, it should be overnight.
The night after I received/installed the replacements, my blood crashed and Dex awoke me to a 42 BS and within minutes was extreme low. Lucky this hadn’t happened before receipt of replacements. My two cents only


I keep an extra tool, the one to thane the Tx off the sensor when replacing it. If carefull and not too much pressure I have replaced just the Ts when the battery fails.


Yes, I keep a spare tool to remove the sensor all of the time. Unfortunately I did not have a spare transmitter to replace the bad one with. I am a medicare patient and only get monthly supplies and 1 transmitter per quarter. Thanks for the suggestion though.


If the battery fails early. Contact Dexcom they will send you one over night , but they will want the old one to evaluate the failure.


When I called to get the replacement transmitter, I was told 3-5 days for shipping. I had expected it to be overnight, but they said they don’t offer overnight. Seemed very odd to me.

Glad I have the DEX and working tonight. Started prednisone yesterday for my asthma and BS went up over 400. Basal and settings had been balanced prior to the prednisone. Not my first rodeo for prednisone so temp basal to the rescue. Thanks for your input John


Yea Prednisone is nasty crap. I have gout and am usually under control with Allopernol, but every once in awhile there goes my BS time in range reports.