Dexcom tech support - no waiting!

Overall in past 15 months of G6 usage (I must be on my 70th sensor by now) just two times I had to make tech support calls.

When I had a broken transmitter this summer I had to wait on hold for hours then had them call me back and it took a couple days until we made any progress on the issue.

This evening I had a “gusher” when inserting a sensor (really, it was ridiculous, blood pouring out) and when I never got past “sensor failure” I called Dexcom tech support and got through RIGHT AWAY. No waiting.

Big improvement!


I also had a failed sensor, after warmup. Removed it and there was large blood on sensor tape. Used the online dexcom support to report, and had email within hour to say replacement would be on the way.

Things are definitely improving.
I think my last call was 45 min hold and then arguing with tech that sensor had failed.

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If you are on a Tandem pump & Dexcom CGM, they have a deal where everything goes to Tandem. Tandem has really fast support. Longest I have had to wait was 5 minutes ever…

I recently started Tandem, but saw this on tandem website. Since sensor failed on startup, I used dexcom support, which has improved with use of online reporting. In past I have had long wait times on dexcom line.

(Tandem website)

Who should I contact for issues with my Dexcom CGM?

For “no restarts” alert or physical problems with your sensor or transmitter, such as bleeding, bruising, skin reaction, adhesive issues, applicator issues, or broken wires, you should contact Dexcom using one of the options at

If you have paired a Dexcom CGM with your Tandem insulin pump, and your question isn’t answered in this help section, you should contact Tandem customer technical support for all other issues by calling (877) 801-6901.

My previous calls with Tandem have been 10-30 minutes hold times, so in this case, Dexcom was quicker.

My go-to for Dexcom is the chat feature on their website. The link is on this page:

I see @mm1’s cut-paste has that link but it’s not clear from the text that you can launch a chat window from that page and get a response in WAAAAAY less time than it usually takes on the phone. Only glitch is that it’s limited to business hours Pacific time. But I’ve had zero frustrations after discovering it a few years back.

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didn’t know there was online way to report problems. Thanks…

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Your link.and mine are exactly the same.
This page has chat on lower half.

Here is direct link to chat.

Chat will show wait time, currently:

There are agents available, and the expected wait time is 8:48 (8 minutes and 48 seconds).

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The online thing is easiest. Generally I fill the form. And I get a new sensor to replace it in a few days

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They must have gotten nailed pretty hard for 3rd rate support. Ever since they went public, things have changed.

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Yes, no waiting anymore. Today they more or less just said that it was too bad that the sensors failed me yet again, and that they would stick a couple in the mail.

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