Dexcom G6 Accuracy Beyond 8 days

In October 2019, I switched to Tandem t:slim X2 pump with basal IQ along with DexcomG6 for continuous glucose monitoring. For the most part I like the new system. However, I am having a problem with Dexcom not working properly for the full 10 days. Around days 7, 8 it often gives one of the ‘out of range’ symbols (typically —) over and over and then within 6-8 hours of onset, I cannot get any valid or valuable readings. Sometimes it will appear that it is working again, but the values on the screen do not correlate at all and are typically off by greater than 50 points. I then stop the sensor session and install another sensor. Tandem will send replacements when I call, but I hesitate to keep calling for replacements if there is something I may be doing that is causing the problem.
Is anyone else having a similar experience?

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Zillions of people (a bit of hyperbole, but not far off the mark) are having issues with the G6. Connectivity failures, inability to get anywhere close to 10-day wear. You can read all about it on FB groups. If you haven’t yet signed on to the groups, I suggest you do, so that you can see that you aren’t alone.

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I tried to delete this post, but don’t know how.
Instead, I will build a poll…

Which Dexcom model has produced the most difficult user experience for you?

  • Had most problems with G6.
  • Had most problems with G5.
  • Had most problems with G4.

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Let me just be clear - you are calling Dexcom for replacement sensors due to G6 communication failures and sensor inaccuracy? Did you mistakenly write ‘Tandem’ instead of ‘Dexcom’?

I am uncertain what role comm failures on the Dex side have had for me, but I have seen comm failures in my entire system while using G6. I’m running a different system. I think that stuff was my fault.

But, inaccuracy HAS been a problem. I call them all the time for replacements. I don’t feel bad about it anymore. Call. That’s just how it is or you will run out of supplies. I think I see variation between sensor ‘shipments.’ Some seem better than others. I have barley called them with the newest order.

Can you run your system with Dexcom in ‘no code’ mode where you have to enter calibrations? Maybe you could start it up again using manual blood sugars. That’s really just a shot in the dark that I am trying.

I see 50 point differences pretty commonly. I don’t think there’s a clear cut way to deal with error once it gets larger than that. It gets larger than 50 points. I turn off system automation when error gets large because I don’t want it dosing me to death and I also need to be able to dose.

Can you still run your system without a functioning sensor? Maybe not. Maybe that’s why your calling Tandem.

When the problem first occurred, I called Dexcom. Since my Tandem pump is my receiver, I was referred to Tandem for Dexcom replacements. Thanks for your input. Jane

I ran a poll on the Facebook Dexcom G6 users group several days ago that asked the question, “As a Dexcom G6 user, what percentage of your G6 sensors last the full 10 days?”

With 554 responses, here are the results:

  • 100% lasted the full 10 days: 57%

  • 90-99% lasted the full 10 days: 31%

  • Less than 70% lasted the full 10 days: 9%

  • 80-89% lasted the full 10 days: 2%

  • 70-79% lasted the full 10 days: 1%

I realize that this is not a scientific poll and could be skewed for any number of reasons, it does suggest that while a significant number of sensors are failing before 10 days, most people report that their sensors are making the 10-day mark.

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