Dexcom/Tandem Technical Cooperative

I started a new G6 sensor this evening and went through the warm-up. A few hours later I got an urgent low alert on my phone. I tested my BG with my contour next link and the reading was 190. I calibrated the sensor and let it go for a few hours and then checked it again. After another fingerstick the Dex is off by 72 points now. I called Dexcom to report this as a bad sensor. The rep asked if I was using a pump, I replied yes, a Tandem X2. She then asked if it is paired with the pump, I said yes. She immediately informed me I had to be transferred to Tandem. I told her no, this has nothing to do with Tandem and the problem is a faulty sensor. She argued with me that this is the policy and I would have to speak with Tandem about a faulty product that Tandem does not manufacture.

Now, Dexcom is giving no support to Tandem patients, even though Tandem has nothing to do with faulty Dexcom sensors. This does explain why Tandem’s technical support leaves you on hold for hours at a time.

Just thought I’d throw this out here, for all the Tandem users.

I have used CGM’s for the last 20years off and on. I have a G5 right now and I am usually correcting the CGM so that it is in agreement with my meter. No it won’t connect with my PDM or my meter and I have tried everything. It does connect with my phone but with the incorrect readings I turned it off. My phone was going off too many times when it shouldn’t have because the CGM said I was high when I wasn’t and the same for lows. If I leave the sensor in the same spot for 2+ weeks it gets better. So I feel for ya. It will get better. Technology is always improving, can’t say the same for the people that work for the companies.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, technology is advancing at a faster pace than users and manufacturing customer service departments can keep up with worldwide. Technologies can improve in a blink of the eye, yet training all staff to learn and cope with the improvements takes months. Forums like this one somewhat help, at times, to bridge the gap.

This still doesn’t explain Dexcom refusing to give Technical support for their damn product because I use a Tandem pump. Even the rep stated it’s a stupid policy. Tandem being forced to troubleshoot Dexcom sensors is a waste of their time. If my Tandem pump has a problem, I call Tandem. If my Dexcom is failing, I call Dexcom. Why would I call Tandem about a Dexcom Sensor? Just another Dexcom CS blunder.

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It depends on what happend, on which company deals with it. I called dexcom about a few sensors not accepting calibrations on my x2 and they sent me to tandem. I called tandem when I removed a sensor because I was starting to have an allergic reaction to skin-tac and they sent me to dexcom. Tandem said they only deal with it when it could have some sort of problem with the pump also.

OK, I’m feeling better already about having chosen the 670G (which I will NOT use in Auto Mode, for those of you out there wondering why I chose the much-maligned 670G), which will hit my doorstep in a few hours. Right now, there is a clear delineation between the responsibilities of my equipment manufacturers–Dexcom on one side and Medtronic on the other and neither gives a hoot about the other. :slight_smile:

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Likely the reason you have to start with Tandem for G6 support is that the G6 communicates with the pump, so they have to start somewhere. A bummer, but to me it makes some sense (begrudgingly).

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The Dexcom rep told me I had to speak with Tandem, even though the problem was absolutely a bad sensor. She would not do anything but try to transfer me to Tandem. Now, there’s 2 choices people like me can choose. One, call Tandem and stay on hold forever, or call Dexcom and lie about the X2 being paired with the Dex transmitter. I don’t like either of those options, and feel this is wrong.

I think I’d put aside my abhorrence of lying and tell them it’s paired with a phone.

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I did, didn’t make any difference.


Yup. Good luck with your new pump, I bet you’re excited to try it out.

Somewhat. The last 2 or 3 Medtronic pumps were kinda ho-hum affairs as they were so similar to the previous models. As long as I don’t positively hate the new design (mostly centering around how I wear a pump on waistband), and how effective the clip is at holding the pump fast to my waistband, I’ll be OK with it.

Medtronic clips were always pretty good. I couldn’t get used to to the portrait orientation instead of the landscape that Medtronic always used. I’m sure it will work great for you.

I’m not eager to switch to portrait either, so I might opt to use a swivel clip like I use for my receiver, instead of whatever clip they provide. It’s a clip that I buy from Amazon.

That would be perfect for the 670.

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Cool, because I think I have an extra one in stock.

I see your point, but there is some logic to the way things are set up. A CGM is a system that works together. While the case you describe is straightforward, that may not be the same for all troubleshooting questions. If your not receiving a signal - is it the transmitter or the pump? If the sensor is delivering false low readings that trigger Basal-IQ, how should the user handle that feature on the pump? A seasoned user will know how to handle it, but a new pump/CGM user (especially recently diagnosed) may not.

I guess my point is one organization has to take responsibility for troubleshooting the system. I personally agree it should be Tandem because the sensor readings impact pump operation with potential consequences beyond just having a wrong reading. That will become even more so when Control-IQ is released. Imagine an inaccurate high reading. It will trigger insulin delivery that could be a significant problem if actual BG is lower.

I’m not sure if the 670 comes with the 2 styles of clips like the previous pumps. I don’t remember it having a holster that could rotate. Your belt clip will suit your needs well.

The brand new sensor being off 110 points from the fingerstick is not a Tandem issue. I’m not new to this rodeo. I’ve used the X2 since it’s introduction and have paired it with a g5 and G6. I know a pump problem from a sensor problem. Tying up the phone lines at Tandem is ridiculous to troubleshoot a Dexcom problem. Dexcom completely ignoring me is quickly pushing me to Medtronic.