DexCom tech support

I’ve been on hold for almost 2 hours for dexcom tech support. No one has answered. Music is playing.
I got a new receiver today. Entered info into it and inserted a new sensor. After a couple mins the screen went black and kept vibrating. I plugged it into the charger and it came on and said I needed to start a new sensor session. After an hour, it went black again and kept vibrating. Any idea of what’s wrong

I can’t help with the Dexcom receiver symptoms you report but I’ve never been on hold that long for Dexcom technical help. I would be tempted to hang up and call again.

Did you key in the transmitter serial number into the receiver settings menu before you started a new sensor?

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If at all possible, I avoid making customer service calls of any kind on Mondays and Tuesdays, as these are the highest volume call days of the week.

But I agree with Terry4: regardless of when I’ve called Dexcom, I’ve never been on hold that long. Definitely try again, and hang up and repeat if this occurs again. Good luck!

Send an email, too–that usually grabs their attention pretty quick.

Sounds like one of the two things are just broken and need to be replaced. Regarding the long wait times, just Wow…I’ve called about 10 times now and every time I always get right through, everyone is always very helpful and my problem is always resolved to my satisfaction! If that happens again, hang up and call back!..maybe, as @rgcainmd recommended - avoid calling on days there higher call volume is known.

try to call them again and try to reach their social media and any other ways

I have called them 3 times over the past 3 weeks. The first time I waited 30 minutes, before giving up. The next time, 15 minutes then I again gave up. Yesterday was only 10 minutes on hold and I finally made it through to someone.

The last time I actually called sales first, to reorder, and they picked up immediately, but when they transferred me to tech support, that’s when it took a while.

I’m guessing that I’m just calling at busy times. The advice to call in the middle of the week, avoiding Monday seems good.