Dexom G5 Plastic Breaking

Hi! For the past 2 sensors I’ve been using, the plastic tabs on the side that hold the gray sensor in place have fallen off. I’m not rough on my sensors, and it has never happened before. This causes the gray bit to fall out and make me replace the sensor before necessary.

Any reason why the side bits are falling off and how to stop them from doing so?

Sounds like a manufacturing defect to me, unless you recall some unusual stress or impact. I’ve been using this style of sensor/transmitter mount continuously for eight years. I’ve never had one fail. Experiencing two such failures in a short time is alarming. It puts you at risk of losing a valuable transmitter in addition to the sensor. Have you talked with the Dex technical help line yet? I’m sure they will replace the sensors.

Can you share the lot number(s) so we can keep a close watch on our supplies? Do you have any photos of the broken parts?

Are the side parts breaking off after it is snugly snapped in, on both sides?

I have had times where the back corners did not go in right, and had to push the side parts gently to get the transmitter in snugly.

I agree with Terry to contact Dexcom.

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This happened to me once when my site was on my leg and I pulled my pants down too fast… I called Dexcom and they told me to remove it so I didn’t lose the transmitter and sent me a new sensor right away.

That’s unusual. I would send them to the company for explanation. You don’t want to loose a transmitter and they might like to know about that.