G6 transmitter plastic tab broke - am I the first?

After nearly a year had my first G6 technical failure. So currently waiting an hour on phone for Dexcom tech support, and figured I’d post a picture for you guys of what happened to the transmitter as I was peeling off an old sensor after ten days. The red circled area shows cracked plastic where there used to be a tab that holds it in the sensor. Anyone else had this happen?


Nope! I did have a bad transmitter once and I called Dexcom who was supposed to overnight one so I wouldn’t be out my CGM. Needless to say it took them 4 days to ship it and then it was 2 day, which took 3 days to get to me. Luckily I had managed to get it to work, but the first thing I did is get another prescription for a second one to always have on hand!

Did you first remove trans+sensor/adhesive patch from skin, then snap back transmitter? Wonder if some adhesion got into that “foot” (tab) slot, causing break. I use skin tac and can see how that might make that part stick, so will be careful. Hasn’t happened, but only on my third G6 transmitter.

After 3 days got a call from my product response form I submitted Friday night. They are going to send me a new replacement transmitter, and they want me to return the broken one (via return kit) for them to study. (or as I told my son, “FOR SCIENCE!”).

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Adding another picture - I found the sensor with broken off tab of the transmitter still in it. I’m not sure whether the tab broke before I took the sensor off or after. I suppose it’s possible the two side tabs was enough to hold the transmitter in it until I folded the sensor back to remove it. But I was surprised the broken plastic transmitter tab was still lodged in the sensor.

Yes, I had this happen once. I noticed the problem after I went to the beach and swam in the ocean. The waves were a bit rough that day, and I did get knocked onto the sand under the water once. I suspect that is when it broke.

I was near the end of my transmitter session anyway, so I didn’t request a new one. I just replaced it and the sensor.

I’ve read blog posts where people have sanded those tabs off so that they are easier to install and in install. So I wonder if you can get it to still work.
Maybe using over tape. I know I needs to be snug against the two electrodes but might be worth trying it if u will otherwise be out of a transmitter