Diabetes and Dating Horror Stories

So since Valentine’s day is coming up, I thought it’d be interesting to see what other diabetes-related dating nightmares people have.

My most recent is this: I was dating a guy a couple months back and we hit it off. Then, one evening. I got low. Not terribly low, but I was shaking and got some juice. I talked him through it so that he wouldn’t worry too much, and so that he’d know what to do for the next time. However, instead of calming him, I apparently freaked him out more. He fainted. In a way, it is a little ironic that he would faint while I’m low.

Needless to say, things didn’t last long after that.

What about you?

A dude fainted over just talking about hypoglycemia?

Best you moved on! What would happen if you asked him to kill a spider? :slight_smile:

Seriously. I thought people only fainted if they were wearing corsets.

one time myself and my boyfriend were at a fancy resteraunt, i started crying for no reason and the waiter came, i flipped my ■■■■ and said i needed orange juice and couldn’t stop crying…for… no reason… haha it was intense. my bf asked me if it was pms i said my blood sugar was low and i get a tad emotional and crazy… just a tad

we went out for our first valentine’s day a few years ago. I passed out in the middle of one of those “high prestige” restaurants, had to go to the ER and everything.

The next valentine’s day before he picked me up he had a bag of juice, glucose tabs and even one of my extra hypokits

Years ago I had been dating a girl for 5 or 6 months. This one weekend we went away to a remote cabin on a lake in a forest. On the Saturday night I went really low but I don’t remember what I did or said. It was enough to send her running and I never saw her again.

If you think it can be unnerving on a date, trying going low during a job interview.

Carly, you win top prize - your story is laugh out loud funny. My worst story is being on a first date with a 30-something man and telling him I’m diabetic and use a pump. He made a face of disgust. I mean really, this guy was an attorney and that was his poker face–acting like he was a child?

I was seeing this hottie who I swear couldve been on GQ he was that hot and I was driving him home from the bar where he had had a bit too much to drink( i was sober and had no alcohol in my system). smarty pant cop see us pull out of the bar and pulls me over so I am thinking I havent drank anything so we’re good right… wrong. he asks me tho step out of the car because he “could smell alcohol on my breath” so i kept denying it and he wanted me to do a field sobriety test which i did and passed with flying colors. I told him I was diabetic and he said thats what they all say so I did a finger stick and showed him 492. there was the source of the smell, but the cop didnt feel safe with me driving so high so he let my drunk boytoy drive us to his apartment with a police escort. anyway hottie and i quit seeing each other after that because he thought i was a terrible designated driver.

haha oh dear…

as for me, My boyfriend and I went out to dinner and we ordered our food, no big deal. I bolused for my food before it came expecting it to be right, it wasnt. my bf sent it back to be remade, and im going low. They come back and its wrong again. At this point I burst out crying. They let me keep the fries to eat but they didnt make us pay for any of it as long as I calmed down and left.

He fainted?? Sorry but that’s more than amusing. :smiley: I’m Glad that things didn’t work out.

I had a few Diabetes lows with only one of the Lads that I had dated. Strangely, he’s the Guy that I married. He handled the lows okay. Okay, except for the time I bit his finger. But that was his fault. :smiley:

When I first met my husband we went back to his place and the next day I was so low when he came home for lunch that he had to get the super-intendant to break the apartment door so that he could call 911. I promised him it would never happen again, and the next day… again. My sugars were so low I went unconscious. Most boyfriends would have left after that, I’m sure. He decided I couldn’t be left alone and we were married not long after that. lol

was not a date, but i was in an IHOP restaurant with another person - hypo hit – and I just began tossing pancakes across the room like miniature frisbees.

someone called 911 and someone else knew to give me orange juice. well, the oj took effect and my frirend and (middle-aged professionals) ducked out as the emt’s were arriving – not one of my best days

I was seeing a bloke before I got told I was diabetic … a month after I got told he walked, he couldn’t take the idea of being with someone who in his eyes wasn’t healthy or didn’t take care of themselves (he though anyone with diabetes didn’t take care of themselves that it was your fault that you go tit - BULL)

I dated a guy whose dad had diabetes. His parents had divorced. I overheard his mom telling him “I’ve told you not to get involved with people like that!!”

A sad story about a sad lady (her not me!!) I walked…head held high…but I walked.

Sooo many stories… so little time… Just can’t go there right now… LOL

OMG! I am crackin Up! I love the fact that YOU talked HIM throught it! Happy V-day, Girl! You so deserve it… (Still Laughing!) http://www.tudiabetes.org/profiles/blog/list?user=08409pmij8vh4

I went out on a date and mine dropped while I was driving. From what I was told I nearly hit a cop car that proceeded to chase me down. I hit a curb head on at about 60 or so, the air bags deployed and tore up the undercarriage. She flipped out on me thinking I was suicidal and trying to kill her and the cops had to restrain her. I have stories with dates worried about syringes and just about anything else you can think of, but that’s the best one I have. It does tend to put off the people who know nothing about it.

Reading this just made my night! lol

Had a terrible night myself, tonight i was with a girl i really like but then my blood went low and i couldn’t really keep up with anything she wanted to do then after a couple of hours my blood shot up in the 200’s and i felt to sick to be funny or charming and I wanted to go home… Right now I’m very angry and upset, even with a sensor its so very hard… I don’t know.

It’s after 3am and have not slept, yet. I am loving reading all of these stories. I needed this. Thanks everyone for posting.:slight_smile: