IVF anyone?

My husband and I think that this is the road that we end up going down unfortunately. We have been seeing a specialist now for the last 4 months. We have been ttc since Feb 07. It looks like we will end up on an IVF journey. I’m just wondering if anyone else has been through it or know someone with diabetes who has? Thanks.

Hi I have been ttc for years now, currently I am trying to stablise my bloodsugars, hopefully now I’m on the pump this will be so. Then I will be going through the various stages of medical assistance. Hope that you get lucky, but if not I’d love to follow your journey. Love Lou x

You definitely need to check out the blog Managing the Sweetness Within by one of our members here. It was a big help to me when going through fertility treatments. She went through IVF as a type 1 diabetic and chronicles the whole journey. She has also written a book scheduled to be out in the spring.

Thanks Melissa. Will check that out.