Diabetes and the Flu

Sooo. Looks like I’m getting sick. Woke up with a dry cough, stuffy nose, and mild 99.6 temp. This is day one, and Im sure symptoms will get worse… I haven’t had my flu shot yet, this year, and am worried that I might be getting the flu.

I know the flu makes managing Diabetes so much harder. Ive never really been sick since being diagnosed a couple years ago. Im a little concerned since the stats, and death rate seems so much higher in folks with diabetes.

Just wanted to get some good sick day advice, and what to watch out for if it is in fact the flu!

Thanks much!

I hope you can call the Dr. and maybe get Tamiflu so your flu will be milder. I’m thinking that the reason the death rate is higher in Diabetics could be the complications that person already has, like heart or kidney problems. If you are healthy I don’t think the flu will be worse for you except for the challenge in controlling your Bgs.