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This is not a forum discussion, it is actually an invitation, but anyways I would be glad to hear your thoughts about it!

My name is Fabiana Couto, I have been a type 1 diabetic since I was 12, so now I have lived for 19 years with diabetes. I am from Brazil and have been in the United States for one and a half years now. I came here to pursue my education and self-development, and am currently nearing the end of a Masters program in Psychology while also attending a Professional Integral Coaching school called New Ventures West (www.newventureswest.com)

I have spent the past several months training academically and with coaches in preparation to become a coach myself. At this point my coaching program is entering the second phase of the training, when we start working with people who are interested in making positive changes to their lives. This is why I am posting this information here: maybe you are the one looking for what I have to offer!

Many times in life, a person can feel stuck, and not know how to move forward. We could be stuck personally, professionally, with our weight, our workout program, our relationships and also our diabetes. The idea behind the type of coaching I do is to support clients in developing new tools to get unstuck in some aspect of their lives and open new possibilities for themselves.

I am looking forward to working with people who have diabetes and/or with loved ones who have diabetes because this is a cause I care about, and with which I have personal experience. As a teenager and then an adult with type 1 diabetes I have been through many challenges related to my condition and now I recognize that the effects of diabetes on my mind and emotions were the most devastating aspect of it. Once I started addressing them, life with diabetes felt easier and smoother than before.

Diabetes is tough, it is a 24/7 disease and although it is not something we can change, we actually can change the way we relate and respond to it. And this is my invitation to you, to look at your life with diabetes and find new possibilities to cope and live with it in a healthier and happier manner. This invitation is about developing a new perspective and finding new resources and ways to live your life with diabetes.

The coaching program is designed to last 10 sessions of 60-75 min each. In terms of costs, because I am in training, I will charge a symbolic rate of $300,00 for the whole process and instead of paying me, I would like you to make a donation to a diabetes-related program or organization you like and care about. If we connect through Tudiabetes I encourage you to donate the money to the Diabetes Hands Foundation to support their educational and awareness programs and keep benefiting all of us.

We can do the sessions in person if you live in San Francisco or nearby, or via skype if you are not local. If you are interested or have any doubts or thoughts, please send me a private message here on Tudiabetes!

I am looking forward to connecting with you.

Vey Best,
Fabiana Couto

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