Diabetes Wellness Coaching

Hi all, I just concluded a Masterclass in health and wellness coaching, and I have a ongoing pay-it-forward assignment to provide free health and wellness coaching to diabetics and their families. Can you help me complete this important work? If so, please schedule some time with me. I appreciate it. If you have any questions, please message me.


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I may be paranoid, but why on earth would anyone contact this person because he claims to be a “wellness coach”? We have so many diabetics here, including @Robyn_H, who are knowledgeable and are more than willing to offer explanations and solutions. A post like this makes me suspect there is something behind this “coaching” offer.

Nothing behind it. I’m. Looking to fulfill the promise I made at the end of my coaching classes.

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I returned to regular visits of the mini-gym in my apartment building in the last few months. During one visit recently, there was a fitness coach teaching an older guy how to lift weights. Seems like a reasonable way to learn how to gain strength safely.

We’ve often complained about the credentialed class of doctors, nurses, dietitians and CDEs who don’t always get us. Occasionally we run into a professional who also lives with diabetes and that often produces glowing remarks by patients who like the experience.

We all know that diabetes is hard and medical professionals in our lives can’t appreciate fully what we are up against. Coaching services may be just the ticket for some people. If the coach also lives with diabetes, so much the better.

I presume that the original poster is not the only health coach who lives with diabetes. If this is a care model that might help you, I’m sure you could identify appropriate coaching opportunities. This last few years has taught us that remote health consultation is not only convenient but viable. We live in a new world.


Steve_Mann has been a member of our community for the past 10 yrs and a type 1 for decades.


My apologies to @Steve_Mann. I misread the date he joined TuD and thought he had just joined a few hours ago.

Thanks all. I posted on a few boards because I assumed that people tend to stick to the boards most relevant for them. Apologies for over doing it. As to credentials. Beyond 48 years as a T1. I have graduate degrees in psychology and neuroscience, am certified as as a health coach and life coach and I receive my CMEs from Emory U (my alma mater) and the Mayo Clinic.

If you want to know more beyond what’s on the Internet (because everything on the internet is true !) please reach out. You can check out my website if you want to know more about me and what I try to do. www.diabetescoach.co.

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