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No foolin’

:slight_smile: AmyT

Heard this on the television… These children knew that their father ate cereal each morning, so they put a bowl of Corn Flakes in the freezer, they then put some normal ones on the top. The father then nearly broke his wrist when he tried to put the spoon in.
Well I for one was bent over laughing at this.

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Okay, I live in Wisconsin - the land of hunting. This is pretty much what can happen everytime you leave your house around here. Poor bambi, I had to chuckle.

My manager went and have a tooth extracted yesterday. I called her with a degiused voice. I identified myself as the dentist and told her that our policy was to take some of the blood when the tooth was extracted to have it sent to a local hospital lab. The reason for doing so was to make sure they were not pregnant, so the baby would not be exposed to radiation, from x-ray. I told her that she was pregnant. She asked how since her tubes had been tied. I told her that obviously the tubal ligation obviously didnt take effect. When she began losing it, I talked to her in my regular voice and said April Fool’s Day

My son was always taping the trigger on the spray nozzle by the sink.

Now he is a pastor and the church calendar always has some event scheduled for April 1. Some have been skeet shooting for the toddlers, skydiving for the Senior Saints, and this year’s salad and quiche luncheon for the men.

Got a good chuckle out of this one!!! Oddly enough it was the salad and quiche lunch menu that cracked me up.