Diabetes cost me 10 dollars in gas today?

We all know how expensive life with diabetes is and it can be very overwhelming. Being a college student money is short. Most of us just graduating from high school don’t have two dollars to our name. Well I’m fortunate enough my parents have good health insurance and I don’t have to pay for my doctors appt. and medical my parents provide that for me, but I still get overwhelmed just because I know that all these expenses will be mine very soon and sometimes it makes me feel like a burden to my family. They never once complained but I still know that it is a lot of money every month.

Anyways needless to say even when I don’t have to pay for all my medical it still finds a way to burn a whole in my wallet.
I spent all day with my boyfriend who lives about 20 mins away so a trip to my house back to his house then back again to drop me off and then back to his house cost about 10 dollars in gas. He isn’t working right now so most my paycheck goes to his gas tank just so we can see eachother (I work with my step mom cleaning office building getting paid under the table… I don’t even make minimum wage right now). Well I got home after our day together and was getting ready for bed and I always put my BG Tester right beside my bed ALWAYS. I went to get it out of my purse when “WTFFF” I had forgotten it at his house so goodbye another 10 dollars :frowning: DAMNITT!!!

That may not seem like a big deal but ten dollars is a lot to me.

This is where spare meters come in real handy. If you can’t get them as freebies through insurance or the company that sells the strips, many meters are available for as little as $10-$20 (although if you’re using some really fancy-pants meter it might cost more?)

I could not imagine having just a single meter. I mean, 30 years ago when a meter cost hundreds of dollars, we could just read the strips visually as well. But today it is silly not to have spares. I have a “home” meter that stays at home, a “work” meter that stays at work, a meter that travels with me in my pocket, and often a fourth meter in my backpack.

Yeah, I’d second the get another meter idea, they practically give them away hoping, of course, that you will buy more strips which is where the $$$ is at. I’ve done that too though, leaving them at work and stuff…

the boy probably took it for more time w/ you :wink: ah young love.

Multiple meters helps. One at home and one in your bag will save you a lot of grief. I carry a spare with me most of the time. It is always good to have a redundancy plan for these kinds of things. I didn’t do that for a lot of years and I found myself more and more frustrated with the diabetes when I was really not thinking ahead.

Google “free glucose meters.” There are frequent deals. You can get several free to have more than one spare. They also come in handy when a battery dies late at night.

Haha Thank everyone for you comments I usually do have a extra meter at my parents house but I just recently moved in my gpas it’s temporary but I really should get a second one haha
thankks :slight_smile: