DIABETES DYNASTY- - - the "beep"

I'm sure this strange phenomenon has happened to us all at one point or another..... you're in class, and everyone is taking a test, so it's eerily quiet. Then, all the sudden your meter/pump/cgm starts beeping louder than you ever thought possible, and everyone's head turns and stares at you. This is a collection of some of my most memorable "beepy" moments.

1.)THE METER- I'm in language arts class, towards the beginning of the school year, and I'm doing a BG check under my desk, and of course it goes, "beep beep!" But my teacher is the middle of talking and she goes, *tilts head to one side and strains ear* "did you guys just hear something beep?" I felt like I wanted to disappear! Class answers; "yes, I heard a beep too, Ms.W!"

2.)THE CGM- I'm sitting in class, minding my own business, when suddenly: "buh-beep,buh-beep,buh-beep, buh-beep, buh beep beep beep!" My cgm, accidently still set on "attentive" shatters the silence and at my table is like "what's that?" And the assistant teacher was like, "please try not to let your medical devises upset class!" I was SOOO embarrassed!

3.)THE PUMP- *backwards in time to 5th grade* I'm sitting at my desk, doing my math, when all the sudden my arm pod starts screaming: Beep beep buh-beep! Beep beep buh- beep! It's an expiration alert because I changed my pod early. I quickly cover my pump with my hand, to muffle the sound. As heads turn, I dash outide to grab my PDM, which was in my backpack at the time.

4.) I get up from my seat to ask the teacher a question, when I hear my cgm, back at my seat, vibrate. my brain instantly goes, "Oh shoot"! but it's too late."Buh- beep, buh- beep, buh- beep, buh-beep, buh-beep beep bee beep beep!" My teacher looks over at the class and goes "Who is that?" *awkward silence* "I'm serious, WHOSE PHONE IS THAT?" Since I'm standing right there, I explain," Um actually that's my cgm, it's a medical device." Him: "Then shouldn't it be attached to you?" me: "Well actually it's wireless, 20 feet." *gives skeptic look* "Well ok, but is there a silent mode?" me: "Umm, yes, I'll uh, put it on vibrate right now!" *runs back to seat, totally embarrassed*

So there you have it! Has anything like this ever happened to you?

Wow, Anna-Kate I've never had to go through the experiences you've had, but I do feel for you. I didn't realize teachers could be so unempathetic. Don't they know they aren't supposed to single you out like that?

As a child I had doctor's notes for extra bathroom breaks, and some of the teachers gave me grief, but most of them didn't.

hahaha, Wear it with pride. In 5 years when you are in college you will not even care. However, I am more careful than ever about my diabetes. But by the same token something goes beep in the church? I look around and say yeah that's me, I am bionic. Hmm I wonder why the angry stares? LOL