I try to add humor on such a serious issue like diabetes. Many here know this. I am in good health. This one is funny. At a Christmas gathering in December (doomsday), my pump beeped for my two hour BS check. I swear two people pulled out their IPhones and looked.

I believe it. Sometimes my pump will start beeping at me in the middle of the night due to my CGM thresholds. I will sometimes grab my phone in my slumber and start pressing stuff trying to get it to stop beeping. That is usually about the time that my better half kicks me and says, “No, its your pump that is beeping!”

Now that's funny!! I got a good one (I think) Both mky daughter & I are on a pump and at Christmas this last year we went to my g-mother's for Christmas. There are a few Type 2's there who are on meds and then there's me & my daughter doing the pump thing right in the middle of eating both my daughter's pump & mine started the beeping at the sametime. My daughter & I knew what it was and tried to slience them both. My poor old g-mother (she had just gotten a new house phone) said. "Now u see why I don't like my phone??? It don't ring it beeps!" I thought my daughter & I would fall out laughing. WE tried explaining the beeping was from our pumps not the phone but that fell on deaf ears! LOL!

My son did a correction bolus during English class one day last week. His teacher heard the beep, walked up to him, held out her hand and said "give me your phone". He said, "it's my insulin pump". She left out her hand and said "phone". He repeated "it's my insulin pump". They had this same exchange 3 more times before two of my son's friends stepped in and snapped the teacher out of her rote response to the beep and she let it drop. Fortunately, my son is not self-conscious, so the exchange didn't bother him (beyond confirmation that his teacher isn't the sharpest pencil in the box).

He has come up with a plan if this happens again. He's planning to lift his shirt, disconnect, hand her his pump and say he's beta testing a new implantable cell phone technology.

I hope he gets a chance to play that one! Too funny!

Happens all the time to me! But the funniest was when I went to a JDRF event and my pump beeped (I was running a temp basal) and, no joke, at least 15 people looked down at their pumps. It was a priceless D moment.

That's funny! I can see that happening.

I have programmed a musical message into my pump. It is a little piece composed by the English composer Thomas Tallis (c. 1505 – 23 November 1585. It is called 'If Ye Love Me, Keep My Commandments'. At a recent choir rehearsal, the reminder tone went off and the Choir Director heard it. He promptly said: "I could swear I just heard someone's cell phone play 'If Ye Love Me'."

Here is a great rendition of 'If Ye Love Me"

Sure hope he gets a chance to implement his 'new plan' if asked for his cell phone

Beautiful piece of music :)