Doing Well and Doing Good: 12 People With Diabetes Who Are Helping Others

I had been hearing the past few days that the Dec. 2010 Diabetes Forecast issue looked great, I had gotten congrats but it wasn’t until tonight that I finally had a chance to read the article (and see the magic that that photographer did), where I was honored to be featured alongside 11 great diabetes advocates, among them Diabetes Sisters founder Brandy Barnes.

We are VERY, VERY happy with this... Here is the link to the full story:

And the photo I am referring to. :)

It got me to sign up! Congratulations on the site!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Can I just say I was simply honored to be featured right below you. You have done so much good in the word of Diabetes!
Thanks for being such a wonderful example to me!


You kidding me? The whole list of people is amazing. There’s lots of reasons to celebrate.

:slight_smile: I do feel honored. I had no Idea that is was going to be an article like this. It is wonderful! :slight_smile:

Well, just like they said in the article, your vision has definitely helped me feel less alone as a Type 1. It has also educated me a lot about the different types of diabetes.

Thanks a ton for improving my life! The things I have learned from all of the people here are priceless in helping me live a longer, healthier diabetic life.

Thank you so much for your kind words!!!

Yea you guys and yea us!! When one of us does well…we all win! Please spill the beans Manny, what are the photographer’s secrets? A little airbrush here and there? You will always look good to us.

Well thanks, Brenda! :slight_smile:

The beans are… the fact that I think I look significantly thinner than I am in person! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to memorize the pose and use it in the future. We should dub it the “Manny pose”.

Have an awesome day!

All Wonderful and Inspiring stories and lives. Thank you!

I’d like a “Blue Flamingo”. :slight_smile:

Congratulations on the mention… you deserve it. And nice looking picture, by the way, and you do look thinner than in some of the other pix I have seen.

I confess: I am not as thin as the picture shows me to be! :slight_smile:

You have every right to be proud. I think you should also know for the “hard copy”, you have the inside front page, too…instead of Bret Michaels!

WHAT??? Are you serious??? I haven’t seen the magazine! I didn’t know that.

Dead serious, Manny! Bret’s on the front cover, then a stupid ad for Colgate, then you frame the table of contents along with a quote: “We pride ourselves in having largely a family environment.” :slight_smile:

WOA!!! That is so cool… We really pride ourselves in this!!! Thanks, Angela.

BTW, how are you feeling after your 2X Lantus?

You’re most welcome, Manny! You should take pride in this organization, in the “family” that has grown up here. Look at today: I accidentally injected twice the dose I needed of Lantus, and was able to come here, write about what happened, and then get solid input from others, many of whom have “been there, done that”. To top it off, a rep from Sanofi-Aventis picked up on the discussion and was able to relay a message to me to call them. That is online social networking at its best, and what the earliest members of the DOC wanted this to become. :slight_smile:

As for how I’m feeling…so far, so good. Only one incident so far during which I experienced some serious dizziness: I was down to 72 and felt as if the bgs were falling too rapidly, but I was able to raise my bgs with some lunch and no Humalog. The rest of the day has been a bit of a roller coaster, but not quite as bad as I expected. I’m hoping the worst of it is nearly over, but we’ll see. Still a few more hours to go.