Old timers of the original Tudiabetes

I don’t come here that often but i have been a member since the early days of the Original Tudiabetes website with Manny.

I can’t say I care for the new set up. I noticed it was Type 1 super friendly then got around to being nice to Type 2 in the past few years.

Are there any of the original people still coming here? I see alot of new faces not many of the older folks that have been around.


I signed up originally among the first 1,000. So yes i am still here. The site is great, I hope you will hang out and join us making it even better.

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I’ve been on the original site since 2007. so I’m from the old one. I read the discussions but only really respond to one. if there something that catches my eye ill respond. I’m the one that started the LADA forum on the old site. I see its combined here :slight_smile:

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Been here almost 7 years… feels like 1! Guess I’m middleground? I really miss the chat feature. Still lurking and learning. <3

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I joined in 2011. I liked the old format better too.

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I don’t go back to 2007 but I joined in tudiabetes in 2010.

I had been a frequent poster to Usenet alt.support.diabetes and misc.health.diabetes in the 90’s and early 2000’s but those were not very useful to me towards the end.

I did some interacting on JDRF and ADA message boards in early 2000’s and those were OK.

What I really liked about the “old tudiabetes website” were some of the groups, especially “pictures of old-timey diabetes stuff” (that wasn’t the exact name) where I had shared some of my original urine testing logbooks and others had shared pictures from their younger days at Clara Barton/Joslin diabetes camp back to the 1950’s.

I suspect/hope he’s still reading, but I also particularly tied into frequent tudiabetes partipant, who went by acidrock who doesn’t post so much anymore.


they got rid of the chat feature last year. not many were coming into the chat. there were a few of us that were in there daily. but other than that no many came into the room

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I first signed up on the old site, a few years before the change. 2013 I think.

His activity record shows nothing after Dec. 2016, though he was relatively active up to then.

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I remember acidrock. I wish we knew what happened to people. If I drop dead, I’ll make sure my brother lets you all know.


Acidrock didn’t just disappear, I remember he indicated he would be lowering his participation here as real life became more pressing.

I recall his profile pictures changed over the years he was a frequent poster, to show him with increasingly nicer haircuts and suits over the years so I would hazard a guess that he’s a very busy guy making lots of $ !

I wasn’t one of the original TuD community members as I joined in 2009. I was lurking, however, at least a year or two before that. I read with keen interest the “carb war” discussions. Those discussions provided me with the insight and ability to adopt carb limits in response to an adverse diabetes complication in 2012.

I live with T1D and even though our numbers are increasing, the chance of someone with T1D interacting with someone else in a sustained community-like way in real life is fairly rare. For me, TuDiabetes changed that.

I’m not much of a joiner in my life but this virtual community has materially changed my diabetes life towards a much better trajectory. In addition to launching me into the sustained (8 years now) habit of using food to positively affect my health, it also introduced me through a mentor I met here to the world of do-it-yourself open source diabetes tech that significantly improved not only my physical health but my emotional well-being.

I am probably one of the more continuously active members over many years still active today. I don’t feel nostalgia for the old days and I’ve watched many active members come and go. While I “met” @acidrock23 here, I’ve also met him in real life for coffee and at a few diabetes conferences. He’s still active on some of the Facebook diabetes groups.

People come and go in any community, whether it be one in real life or the virtual variety. We all live with changing needs. I have felt estranged from this community from time to time (just recently, as a matter of fact) but have always drifted back as I do find meaning in helping individual community members. I feel like my ability to write is the gift life has given me and it’s my job to put it to some good use. This community also continues to teach me something new at times.

I do think that TuD members tend to explore issues at a greater depth than other online communities. Facebook, in particular, reminds me of the pick-up bars of my young adulthood where short and snappy remarks were prized and anything deeper than witty quips was not rewarded.

I like the discussions here and think this community occupies a unique niche in the online diabetes community.


Not exactly sure when “old timers” and “new timers” broken up but I was active a while back for a while, dropped while involved in other things and someone brought me back (through a podcast he did).

I don’t really recognize current system but I’m trying my best to see if works for me.

How long have you been active?

Just looked at my password email (that’s how I keep them) and discovered it’s from January '16 (so not at all long ago but could be two generations)!

Terry really funny your comment on the Facebook groups - seems like people post problems they’re having but almost never repost that they HAVE resolved the issue, and the method(s) they used (as well as what what didn’t work) as this would be helpful for others.
Seem only time there is a response to most of these requests is when something else is needed. Very sad.

I’m curious how many here (if any) were active on the original Lehigh Valley email diabetes group and/or the Insulin-Pumpeers.org group.


My profile reads I joined July 2nd 2009. I was kind of lost but soon found my way. Have been thankful to the community ever since. I still miss some friendly faces but also happy to find new friends.


I joined the older version in 2007. I have to thank Medtronics sof-sensor with ISIG factor. I found helpful info on ISIG that helped me NOT give up on cgm, and found so much more. I remember some controversy over the private 4s A1C and Bernstein followers topics that was new to me and sometimes heated.

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YES! I was on the Lehigh “Diabetes” and then “Diabetic” LISTSERV’s in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Do you know where any of the archives for these might be?

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Funny you should ask the question - I was wondering same thing myself.

What a different world back then!! Moving to Insulin-Pumpers.org seemed a huge jump into the future at the time (a web site, live “chat” (using text) and even some videos and educational material).

I looked up the Lehigh Valley server and couldn’t come up with anything. Someone or some server should have those backed up knowing how those systems worked (and in probably was on either an IBM 360 or 370 (theoretically could have been hosted on a PDP-10 but doubt it) in that timeframe.

We must know each other from then = but no idea how could figure that out. At the time I was using that system in 80s I was working in Flemington NJ and living in NJ then in PA (and commuting in both cases)

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My profile says I joined in June of 2011. Hard to believe how time flies. I’m mostly a reader and
an occasional commenter.

I think of Tudiabetes like my neighborhood. Things change. New houses are built and old houses are remodeled. New neighbors move in and old neighbors move out. Some neighbors you hope never leave, and when they do you miss them. Some neighbors you can’t wait until they leave…So goes life.

I agree I miss @acidrock23.


He might be over at Fu. IDK

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