I'd like to hear about pump management software

I know a lot of software can download from glucometers. And that's great. But if you're on a pump, there is a whole lot more going on to keep track of and I'm not seeing many options.

I know the pump companies themselves have software. I can't speak to the others, but I know from experience that Medtronic's is absolutely terrible. It hasn't been significantly updated in about 10 years, is online but won't let you access the site on a Mac, has a terrible interface for entering details not automatically provided by the pump (exercise, what you ate, general notes) and only outputs as pdfs, which is not convenient at all.

I have found one program, SiDiary 6.. You can input the CSV output that Medtronic Carelink can export, and it will import it right into the program. Unfortunately to be able to do more than one day at a time you have to pay $60... which is fair in a way, but I'm not shelling that much out when i can't get a good idea of how the program works beforehand, PLUS it is written in German and translated pretty awkwardly into English which makes it quite difficult to use. (it also won't let me use humalog for both basal and bolus insulin, even though it knows I'm on a pump)

There is a glut of diabetes software out there already, but I find it strange there's only the one I can find to do that fairly simple task. Let me know if you know of something that would help me!

I'm also considering making my own software to do this (and more, of course) and wondered if there would be any interest (i'm in advanced interactive media and we have to develop an application for our thesis project).. basically something that would allow you to import data from a (medtronic to start) pump, would run cross platform but not require an internet connection and ideally be able to update from a smartphone (i also have some ideas of features I haven't seen on diabetes tracking apps before... being able to mark carb intake as an estimate, detecting mealtimes based on carb intake instead of time of the day, giving quick comparisons of data before and after pump settings change)

Damon, I think you might enjoy this Group


I would like to recommend our Glucosurfer project. Its English might be awkward too but at least we are motivated to fix that :wink: