Diabetes Mgmt Software that reads both the Animas Ping and Dexcom

Does anyone know of a good software program that can read both the Animas Ping and the Dexcom and marry the data together? I tried the ezManagerMax that animas put out a few years ago but have constant issues with the Infrared device and the device drivers. Does anyone know if a later version of this software adds the Dexcom device?

Hello Laura,

our Glucosurfer project can process and combine both data files. These steps are necessary:

  1. you create a new user account on the Glucosurfer page
  2. you export the XML files of both devices
  3. on the page ‘Diary’ you click on the link ‘Upload’ at the top of the page
  4. you upload the dexcom XML file
  5. you upload the ping XML file

Some of the diagrams need a short phase of post processing…

This looks very interesting. I’m trying it now. Thanks

I have seen you mention the Glucosurger but did not realize that we could pull the Dexcom stuff in also,. That is great to know!

For the Animas you can export as ‘Animas Data File’ with ending ‘.ezd’. This is an XML file we can process.

Well, I was hoping for graphs and the ability to change date ranges similar to the Dexcom DM3 Glucose Trend Report with Basal and Bolus insulin activity marked on the chart.

Could you show me a snapshot of the graph you are looking for?

Here’s a Glucose Trend Report but I want to be able to import my Pump basal rates, temp basal rates and bolus in the events area.
4693-sample.bmp (848 KB)

Have you seen the page ‘Analysis’ on the Glucosurfer? Of couse it can only show Basal and Bolus after you have uploaded the Animas .ezd file.

I have to wait until I get the updated software from Animas, but Yes I see that this will work. Thanks.