Diabetic Nerve Pain

Okay, I’ve been reading a lot about this and although I’ve not been diagnosed but a few months, I wonder if I might have it… I have severe arthritis in all my joints, so I’m in pain a LOT anyway, but have noticed lately that I’m getting stabbing or burning pain constantly in my fingers and feet… could this be from the diabetes??? I have a doctor’s appointment in a couple of weeks so will take it up with her then, but was just curious on what you all think. The pain meds I take for arthritis doesn’t really help this pain all that much. It’s like I’m a walking pain machine and I’m so SICK of it!!!
comments and advice will be appreciated!

Connie…I had/have neuropathy in my feet (it comes and goes). Sometimes it feels like your feet are on fire and something as light as a bed sheet makes you shudder in pain. One thing that my podiatrist said that helps relieve the pain is Capzaicin (sp?). It doesn’t cure it, but it provides temporary relief. The cream (available OTC) uses the same stuff that’s in hot peppers. Here’s a BIG hint…use latex gloves to apply the stuff…I once applied it to my feet and then rubbed my eye…that was something to cry about!