Diabetes overloaded with challenges

I write tonight on a happy note rather than a negative. There is so much to do to catch up with everything around me. In 8 months, I have alot to get done. Write a book, move to another rental house or buy one, a wedding to plan, a total of 4 surgeries…1 mines and 3 are my husband’s, both of us to seek a regular job with day hours and better pay hopefully weekends off, the challenges of the disease that is causing a connection between hearing loss…thyroid problems…and diabetes, trying to save the others from getting diabetes like it did me, have daughter and grandson who needs new hearing aids.

Trying real hard to mark off the goals and the things we need but everything is causing us thousands of dollars to do all of this. By all means I’ll put our wedding on hold till it can be necessary. The book has me scared to death to write about cause it will bring up the nightmares. I must face the fear of this. Get it over with.

I must remember to take it day by day, but must of this stuff to take care of is costing us money to be able to start on it. Like my daughter who has severe hearing loss, hypoparathyroidism and is anemic…I’m taking her to all these specialists, having to have the copay in order to be seen and get down to the problem. Her problems are like mines as well. Only she doesn’t have diabetes like me. My grandson, on the other hand has the same thing only he has kidney failure if not on meds. He doesn’t have diabetes. But they are linking all this to a disease associated with the Autoimmune system and neurological.

My head is about to explode with all this going on but time will be tested and I shall hold on because I know at the end of eight months…I’ll be a okay. Coming on this site gives me the time to release alot of stuff. It gives me faith to continue. To be curious to find whats going on with me and the family.

Let alone, I know I’ll be going thru alot of changes that will make me stronger. I applaud to all of you all for being here and helping one another. I’ve been to myself lately cause I have so much to think about and I want to be a good example to those around me.

I’m still here so if anyone wants to message me, I’ll be offline for about two weeks to fix my laptop but when I get back on I’ll be raging with fire again. Message me and I’ll do my best to try and check on the site from time to time or it’s going to be two weeks.

Any information about this connection on diabetes is mostly welcomed. I’m finding alot of other connections and advocating about it because society thinks its a heavy person’s disease when it’s not. I suggest as well that we all get tested on other subjects to see if we are getting the correct meds for the right diagnois.

I’ll shall be back, this time stronger with alot of new knowledge and hopefully some goals crossed out. God bless you and your family and take care. Love you all always, Patti