Feeling a bit overwhelmed

I really need to snap out of it and start really putting 110% effort into diabetes again. Seeing numbers in the WAY too high range on a fairly regular basis due to sloppiness on my part is not good. :confused: Today I forgot my meter at home and thus went ten-and-a-half hours without testing and came home with truly sky-high blood sugar. Considering I had corrected a high before leaving (and how thirsty I felt) I was probably high the entire day.

It’s not just diabetes, but my entire life feels sort of out of control right now. Not that it’s bad, I just need to put more effort into everything …

I am hoping this is just a young-adult-to-real-adulthood stage I’m going through or something. Hoping it ends soon and that things aren’t always this overwhelming.

Just hang on, we are not ROBOTS and with that being said, things will happen. Sometimes we just fall off the wagon so to speak, Thankfully you didnt DKA, however you should NEVER step ouf the homestead with out your testing and insulin. Just a few years ago, I was constantly hovering over 400, so always know there will ALWAYS be room for improvement, and always remember YOUR NOT A ROBOT!

Jennifer, sweetie, young or older, we all get tangled in life sometimes, so forgive and let it go. Make some goals for your health and write them down, and stick to them, maybe as your getting ready for your day you can think them over, make them first on your list. Try really hard to Love you first and take care of yourself:)

So take your BS and fix it how it needs to be, and just enjoy life:)

In one of the books I read, the man had a meter in his bedroom, his kitchen, his briefcase and at work… in other words, everywhere he needed to be. I do the same thing with my teenage son. His diabetes nurse doesn’t like it because it is harder for her to track the info, but it is what works for us. You may want to consider keeping a separate meter in your purse or backpack or whatever you carry out for your day ! I think it must all get overwhelming sometimes. Each day is a new day and a chance to improve. You will be fine. You sound like you are pretty “together” and being aware is half the battle. Good Luck with it all.