Diabetes Poetry Room

I met Gary when I first started using the internet and looking up information about diabetes. We became instant friends and chatted frequently for 10 months, until he passed away in his sleep, I believe from a low.

Here is some of the great poetry he wrote: (go to the diabetes poetry room)


I knew Gary too-and his book of diabetes poetry is a prized possession of mine. He autographed it + even put in my poem(as a personalized touch) when I ordered a copy.
Can one still order the book off the website?

I have an autographed copy as well.

I think his girlfriend took over the website, I chatted with her after Gary’s death and I believe you can still order off his site.

Gary was a great person. always helped me when I was in a bad sitution. I miss him

I miss Gary:( Does anyone know what happened to the poems we were able to submit to him? I wanted to get my poem he helped me write when I was 13…

did you go to his website and contact them. I think his girlfriend and or parents handle the website.

No, I haven’t done that yet. I should though. I’d hate to ask and be like "Back in 1999 Gary helped me write a poem about Diabetes. I don’t remember the title of it, but perhaps you could look for my name in the poems he had friends come submit to him?

Here’s a little Haiku about the secret joy I got today from using a new needle out of the package… The cadence of Haiku is 5-7-5. Hope you enjoy. Ahem…

Billowing glucose /

Metered with accuracy /

Finely tempered steel /


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