Diabetes Poetry

Today I learned about this fabulous web site through Karen, one of our members.

The sad part of the story is that Gary Hempleman, the guy who wrote all the fabulous poems about diabetes (a person with type 1 diabetes since age 10) on the web site, passed away from heart failure, Dec. 14, 2002.

Karen had the chance to “meet” him online. We get the chance to know of him after he is gone and learn from his poems.

Do you have a poem about diabetes you want to share? In memory of Gary…

OMG, when you posted the year I realize how long Gary has been gone. :frowning:

He was the first diabetic I met when I was connected to the internet, yep we were slow to get cable TV as well. :wink:

I knew him for 10 months and was amazed at his great writing abilities and his ability to get the true sense of being a diabetic child across in poetry. I was heartbroken when he passed and amazed how close you can become with people online. Since then I have become very close with many others via the internet and have even met them face to face, a few more during the Chicago Diabetic Expo this past April. Never met Gary face to face but have a signed copy of his poetry book. :slight_smile:

Parents of diabetic children check out the site, but have your tissues handy.

Do you know if his book is still for sale? There is a form on the site, but I didn’t complete it.

I think it is, as his girlfriend was taking care of the site at one time. She will respond to you if that is not the case. I know his parents were still alive as well. Let me know what happens.