Diabetes - Quilt for life

I am in the process of constructing a 3x3 "Quilt for Life" for my daughter Olivia. I am also planning on seeing the quilt for life being displayed on the Mall @ Washington DC. There are over 600 quilts right now. What a wonderful way to raise awareness and I'm sure seeing all those quilts displayed will be a emotional, but powerful experience.

From the Children with Diabetes website....

"We sincerely hope that all families with type 1 diabetes will send a quilt square in honor of their family member. There is much strength in numbers. A quilt with over a thousand squares, each representing one child with this devastating disease, will be a powerful visual reminder that our children live with this disease every day, take insulin to stay alive, and are relying on us to keep the future bright for a cure. The quilt will continue to expand and grow as more families from across the U.S. and around the world hear about this project and send squares representing their children. We will display the Quilt for Life every year at the annual CWD conference, and at other diabetes rallies and venues. It will be a tremendous public awareness tool".