Diabetes Tattoos show them off!


We have read in the medical id post that many of you have a tattoo as a medical id. We would LOVE to see them!

Upload a pic of your masterpiece!


ill have to take a pic of mine…mine is pretty simple…i want to get it covered up and redone as the lettering didnt age that well. so need to make it where you can see it a bit better


I’ve got lots of them! But not all related to diabetes, I promise to have and share better pictures. I have a diagram with a Raspberry, an insulin pump and a nightscout icon haha…i also have glucose chemical formula, and a unicorn. Diabetes related but definitely not a medical ID.
And yes, a cup of coffee. I know, i know.


tat%201 tat%202


Obviously not my tats.
But I like them.


here you go. the writing isnt that good anymore so i need to get it covered up to something different that is better. the date is the day i was diagnosed.


Insulin Molecule Tat!
Not mine.


Love it! But it now needs to be redone.


It still looks good.


It’s not finished. There’s more colors to be added. I have to work in small sessions because my Lupus reacts to it like a wound. :woman_facepalming:t3:


So cool. I love the diabetes tats


Here’s mine , got it for my 30th diaversary.


I don’t have a Tattoo, I guess I am just chicken, I do appreciate them. One of the best I have seen belongs to @acidrock23. AcidRock doesn’t come around anymore but I don’t think he would mind if I pointed you to a post from a couple of years ago. AcidRock’s Tattoo


I an continually inspired by the tats . Did endo approve. Were you scared about the infection possibility.
Sorry about dweeb questions