Diabetes tv show 1980

Here was a show I watched as a kid. It was about a kid who is secretly type 1. most of the information is dead on but there is so much wrong. And this was an educational show.
It’s 3 parts. It’s really a flash Back. And the kids look like the 70s more than 80s but still. I hope you enjoy the very first type 1 diabetic that I know of.


I had a thermos almost like that for insulin. That kids was a little bigger than mine, but looks almost identical otherwise.

I missed seeing this, didn’t watch too much TV then. I think I saw that it ran on PBS… I thought of that station as kid stuff (Sesame Street) or news.

Well it was a kids show but older kids.
I actually watched it on a local N.Y. tv station For the first season, and it was picked up on pbs the next year.

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I remember the soap opera my mom watched, with Nina, who had Type 1 diabetes. “All my Children” I think. Might have been 70s. Nina was told she would be going blind and could not have children.

I bet it was he own fault for eating too much sugar.