It’s been only two years! Can you believe it! I really don’t have much to show for it… but like i tell people it’s a work in progress. I was originally diagnosed in the ER two years ago, i guess i almost went into DKA. I now know soooo much about diabetes, definetly more then i ever wanted or originally knew!

The best thing I’ve discovered is all you wonderful people here at tudiabetes!

to celebrate i shall eat some chicken wings!

How do you celebrate? Or do you? The only reason i celebrate because i use any excuse for presents. Hey test trips make great presents, as does the great support around here.

CONGRATULATIONS AND VERY WELL DONE!!! The key is to constantly look for better ways to manage your life (on all levels for that matter) without driving yourself or others nuts. In terms of celebration, perhaps a Halle Berry film? Monster’s Ball anyone? (ha ha).

If you are interested take a peak in the General part of tudiabetes and look at DIABETES PSYCHOLOGY 101. I wish you continued success. We ALL learn. We ALL teach.

Love Always
The Anonymous Diabetic.

lol, test strips as presents…now there is a good christmas gift for those of us without insurance…i never thought of that!! i’m really proud of your progress and your story that i have been following. your boyfriend is going to be soo proud of you when he comes home!! :slight_smile:

your discussion reminded me of the blog i wrote about why a diabetic doesn’t take care of themselves. Yours was a good read :slight_smile:

please no hallie barry movies, jonas brothers music, or bret michael reruns of rock of love! lol
I did watch a movie with Mary Taylor Moore in it called Cheat or something. It was funny!

Congratulations, be proud. May you have many, many more!!!

Domo Sweetie…Happy 2 yr. anniversary! If you lived near me I would take you out to celebrate…hot wings and anything else your little heart desires!

I am proud of you…you have made a great effort and show so much strength. You will continue to improve and live to be 100 yrs. old and will still be eating those volcano boxes!

love ya

P.S. I don’t celebrate my anniversary, well if you count my yearly chocolate bath! lol

Happy anniversary! I’d say many more, but still holding out for us all getting cured. Wishing you many more happy, healthy birthdays instead!

Hope you enjoyed your wings & other treats.

Chicken Wings! Cmon girrrl you need to go out and have some cake or some pie…at least a Twinkie or something!

Anyway, congrats on handling business for yet another year. You have one of the coolest and most honest personalities here on tudiabetes…so keep posting and kicking butt for another year. Cheers!