Diabetes... what can I say?

Yesterday I woke up at about 41. My CGM read 55. Great.[sarcasm] But that’s besides the point. Apparently my mind was working right away then went kaput. Because when I woke up, my siren alarm was going off and it was annoying me, I immediately wished for five free minutes where I didn’t have to be, think, or feel Diabetic. Things haven’t been going well lately, but that thought stuck with me most of the day. Sometimes I can take five minutes to not be any of those things, but it never works, diabetes is still always at the back of my mind. I know it may be a bit pathetic, but wouldn’t it be just wonderful for just five minutes? Five minutes to feel normal? To feel, completely healthy? I agree with myself it would but then this leads me to thinking. Who would I be without Diabetes? Diabetes has changed my life and turned it inside out from day one of diagnosis. I embrace diabetes because there’s nothing else I can do. Ignoring it didn’t help, that much is obvious.

I don’t think I’d be much of anything without Diabetes. You see, I have a problem with being majorly shy. Enough to where crowds jack up my sugars. That aside, Diabetes has helped me overcome it somewhat. It makes me feel, me. Diabetes has given me a voice that no one, or any other thing could. If/when there is a cure, I think that I would miss it just as much as I would be happy to be rid of it. This sappy talk about Diabetes aside, here’s the kaput part of my brain yesterday. After getting up with that low, apparently I walked to the kitchen, grabbed a juice, sat down at the table and talked to my sister in law about my low, and then got up and left. I don’t remember any of that. I kind of do, but I don’t. My brain wasn’t working apparently. From majorly annoyed, to sappy, to completely blank in about fifteen minutes. Kind of makes me laugh actually. But I think that’s it. I have to finish going through my stuff. The house goes on the market soon! <3

“If/when there is a cure, I think that I would miss it just as much as I would be happy to be rid of it.” I hear you on that one, there are plenty of times where I think that Diabetes has given me an Identity where I otherwise would have none. Almost to the point where I feel like I have a purpose. I think that’s more of an indictment of my personality sans-Diabetes but there is no denying its role in shaping the person that I am today.

Good read.

i agree with this post. i’m not sure who i would be w/o diabetes. and yes, i would give anything for even 5 minutes w.o having to think abouy diabetes! =)