Diabetes years

My original goal of 5,000 has been reached, thank you. Members are still welcome to add their years to the total....

I need your help, BIGTIME! I've seriously thought about posting a thread like this for many years. TU is the largest diabetes message board in terms of members that I've ever been apart of (16,898 to be exact)...so I thought I'd give it a shot here. Since I was a young boy of 12, one of my dreams has been to try and achieve 5,000 diabetes years (years spent living with diabetes) with the members of a diabetes group. And here is how I plan to achieve it (besides begging and pleading)...

There are a few simple rules. First, you will need to round either up or down to the amount of years you have lived with diabetes. I will use myself as an example: I have lived with diabetes for 26 years and two days, this rounds down to 26 years. No half years, round up or down. If you've had diabetes less than a year, count as 1 year. I'm trying to keep this discussion limited to TU members only (so no posting diabetes years for friends and family members please). The last rule you must follow is simple addition. You will basically add your diabetes years to the previous responders and give the total years so the next responder can add their years and so forth. No so bad, eh? (If you need help, I have a calculator)

More than likely there will be members replying within the discussion, so stay focused on the last answer given. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask or message me... and remember this is a life long dream of mine to achieve this, I hope we can do it. Please, I beg you! Spread the word.

I will begin with...


Wow, it felt like it was kind of dragging for awhile there in the 3,000s and now we’re on the home stretch!

No, no, no, Danny! We are going to make it by WDD…2010! Do you feel that it would be cheating to use friends and family?

I sent this link to all my friends on TU, maybe we all can, or maybe Manny could send out a universal email??

4154 + my 21 years = 4175 years

(I wasn’t waiting to post, I’m a brand new member and I just saw the post) This is really cool though

4175 + 10 = 4185 years

What is the DOC and while I am asking what does the TU stand for? I technically could have added 34 years since I was diagnosed in April and fell into the sketchy 6 month rounding (round up or down??). Feeling like the new kid at a HUGE diabetic high school.

bump and your years :slight_smile:

7 years

4186 + 7 = 4193

Getting there! :slight_smile:

4193 + 26 = 4219

Hi Olaf:
Congratulations - I love to hear from people who are long-lifers!
I was dx in 1953-54, not exactly sure. I was born in 1951. Living in Kenya at the time. I am sure you have some stories, as do I. It has not been an easy road, has it ??? I wish you well and keep up the good work.
Take care

Danny…you’re so cute in your pic lol
Officially, my years equal to 4 and 7 months…so rounding that out it’s 5 years. (but I know I had it for longer!)

Happy questing!

34 years here, so 34 + 4219 = 4253 + Linda Gauvin-Miller’s 5 years = 4258

28 years

4258 + 28= 4286

Love the idea, thanks Danny Man

23 years

4286 + 23…4309!

32 years as of last weekend… and I celebrated with an ice cream sundae :slight_smile:

4309 + 32 = 4341

4341 + 37 = 4378

Plus, like dog years, don’t we really get to count 7 for every one we’ve lived with diabetes?!

4378 + 14 = 4392 … Thanks for letting me know Danny =)

4392 + 17 = 4409 Love it Danny, sorry for my late reply. :slight_smile:

Makes sense to me, Kelly!