Length of time you've had type 2 diabetes question

I copied and pasted the below question I raised within another TU discussion (linked below) ...

I'd like to know who (you,a friend, family or TU member etc..) has the longest run (length of time living) with Type 2 Diabetes? You never see anything posted on this. If you Google "longest living person with Diabetes," pages of Type 1 information come up. I realize this is more of an "adult" diagnosis but... it would be inspirational to see if there are people out there that have lived with Type 2 Diabetes for 10, 20, 30 or 40 years.


Well, I’ve lived with it for 10 years this year, and I’m not planning to kick off any time soon. :slight_smile:

Just 5 years for me. Five years of craving donuts every Friday when my staff woofs 'em down. I am just a kid when it comes to the D. :slight_smile:

I’m up to 16 years so far – and I intend to go on much longer!!! But celery sticks don’t taste ANYTHING like good ol’ donuts!!! ROFL:)

I was diagnosed T2 in 2005, but my medical records indicate a fasting glucose sufficient to diagnose overt diabetes for a few years before that. Of course, I may have had diabetes much longer than that, in fact, I may not actually have the type right either. So lemme just say 5 or 8 years, given or take a bunch.

I was diagnosed twenty three years ago if I remember correctly. Might be twenty two though.


Well, Danny, I’m going on 26 years with T2…at least, that’s what I was diagnosed with. The jury is still out on whether it’s actually T2 or possibly LADA, but since the treatment wouldn’t change (I’ve been on insulin since 1989), there’s really not much point in doing the tests.


Going on 20 years here.

I didn’t know that, Danny…that we were diagnosed so close to the same time. Kewel, in a weird sort of way :wink:

Judith - just curious…are you on insulin or still on oral meds?



Double wonderful!!

I have almost reached 10 yrs with Diabetes, I was diagnosed as type 2 but sometimes I think I really share more in common with type 1 diabetics

I have had type 2 for only 9 months, (they think I’ve had it since I had gestational diabetes 4 years ago)
But my Father has had type 2 for 20 years and my paternal Grandmother has had type 2 for 48 years.

35 years and counting. My parents and family doctor were both caught by surprise. I do remember there being questions about whether I was a “juvenile” diabetic or “adult-onset”, but at this point I have an insulin habit and work it like a t1.

I was diagnosed in 1999, that makes it 11 years with diabetes if my math is correct… I’d love to see some messages from those who have lived productive, “normal” lives with type 2 diabetes a long time, too.

Wow! I feel like such a neophyte. I was diagnosed with T2 in February 2008, just 20 months ago.

I agree hearing that some folks were diagnosed decades ago and are still healthy and living vital lives is very encouraging.


Dany how about our Clarance Hayes here? I think he said he was diagnosed with Type 2 in 77.

The diabetics in our family were diagnosed in their 40’s or 50’s. My grandfather lived into his 80’s and my uncle was 92. My aunt is going strong at 82 and she is still maintaining with diet and lifestle alone.

I’ve only had it for 11 years, but that’s long enough.