Looking for an endocrinologist on my health ins list (Aetna PPO) in Houston, TX, I found a dr who works for DiabetesAmerica - based in Arizona and Texas. Does anyone have any experience, good or bad, with this outfit? I feel safer with nonprofit, teaching hospitals and affiliated doctors (e.g. M.D.Anderson rather than Cancer Treatment Centers of America) but the dr. herself has good credentials.

Thanks -

Debka, did you find a doctor to your liking yet?

If you read some of the reviews, you will see that DiabetesAmerica is a big center that operates with a broad range of staff. Many people were dissappointed that they went there and never got to see the specific endo. It may be a big win having a single center with all the labs, educators and everything at one site with a single co-pay, but you may also find you never see a doctor, particularly the one you want.

Thanks to all who replied! I saw Wendy Hawkins, MD at DiabetesAmerica in Houston. I liked her a lot and felt she did a thorough exam - more so than my previous internist. I was able to make an appt specifically with her, and it didn't seem like I'd be shifted to a different doctor in the future. I'll be on the lookout, though. Also, it's very pleasant office, convenient, storefront with easy parking, a one-stop-shop where they did my bloodwork and got the results immediately. Only problem: they billed me for a number of procedures (diabetes education, diabetes management) that my insurance doesn't cover. They were willing to remove those charges when I requested it. So I have to keep an eye on that.