Is It Safe?


I have type 2 diabetes, is it safe to get a tatoo?



well i have type 1diabetes for 32 yrs and have a few tatoos have not had trouble with none just make sure the place u get it from is a rep… place and keep a thin coat of neosporin on it till it heals and your bg in target range that worked for me just because you have diabetes does not mean you have to stop living lol hope this helps


Hey,welcome fellow Dallas member…I live in Lewisville…I have had permanent makeup done on my eyes,lips and brows which is tatooing and had no problems…if you are in good control…go for it!


Tell the tattoo artist you are diabetic and they will tell you how to best care for it. When I got mine they said it is easier for diabetics to heal from tattoos than piercings. I had my belly button and nipples pierced, the belly button got badly infected even though I was caring for it properly and I had to take it out.

Judging by the number of members in the Inked group, I think many of us have gotten tattoos with no problem.
As stated about, go to a reputable shop and just be sure to watch for signs of infection as it heals.
Then show us the picture.

I can’t comment on this (don’t have any tats), but piggybacking on Kathy’s comment, the Inked Diabetics group can be found here: