Diabetic girl punished for fruit snacks

Diabetic girl punished for sneaking fruit snacks


At least the parents educated

wow! that was insane…at least the staff is educated now!

i can’t believe she had to write a letter of apology.
thats just stupid!

poor girl! This could’ve turned into a very dangerous situation! I would have refused to write the letter, but seeing how she was little girl i bet she got scared and wrote it. If i was the parent i would be furious!

Some one should be fired .This is a clear violation of the Disablity Act… They punished the wrong person.
I am outraged.

It’s easy to get pissed off at first, but I think wiser heads prevailed when the parents opted to educate rather than retaliate.
They’re giving their daughter a good lesson in tolerance, patience and understanding as well.

When I hear about these things and my blood starts to boil I remind myself of how ignorant I was about diabetes before I was diagnosed. In short, I was just like the people I’m getting pissed at, like the cook in this story.


wow i had something similar happen to me, but it wasn’t for snacks it was for testing in class. but i didn’t need to write an apology letter to the teacher.

As a former school administrator, I find this story appalling. First, if a child needs a fruit snak and steals it, the administrator should have first figured out what happened before punishment was dealt out. I wonder if who int he world got this thing figured out?

Ok the education is the right move, and one can understand why a lunch person would be upset about stealing. But the thing is lunch personnel should never punish a child. Assistant principals, teachers, counselors and principals punish kids, nto lunch ladies. The nonsense about the apology letter is a standard practice when a kid does something and the adult got angry for no good reason.


rick phillips

agreed but if the situation had worsen, let’s say she passed out, i’m sure things would have ended totally differently. I’m glad the parents were able to educate, i just hope they got there point across about the seriousness of it all. In other words i hope the administration apologized profusely!

I saw this story. It happened in Washington State. What is so bad about it is that Washington has a Diabetes Care law that students with Diabetes are never to be denied food for any reason including nonpayment of fees.
This basically says, they have to allow the girl to eat something whether or not she has the money. The payment can be taken care of later. I certainly hope the school writes the girl and apology.

Okay , you want tolerance ,then they should write her a letter of apology just like they made her do.

The cook may have not known better but their is no excuse for a principal to not know. If, he didn’t ,he should have check it out before punishing her. NO EXCUSE FOR PRINICIPAL!!!We entrust our childern into their care . They are to act in the best interest of our children.

Still pissed!

Oh by the way where was the tolerance for the little girl!

Didn’t the principal have a school nurse to check with… ? Fire the principal !

I actually do think someone else does need to be reprimanded. Her health was in jeopardy, and they were worried about fruit snacks. How much are fruit snacks, $0.35?

I’m all for the cook writing a letter of apology to the girl.

You know, we need to send the school some money to put in a lunch fund for diabetic kids who don’t have lunch money or need a snack. It is a back handed way of telling them they are idiots. If we sned it to the superintendant or school board president they will get the message. We cannot send it to the principal, he or she will not be embarrassed enough. Maybe we ought to all send $2.00 and if we get 50 to do it, it will create a mess.

rick phillips

You’re on to something Rick!

I’m in… anyone else?

The cook isn’t at fault her. These people are given orders to follow .On the other hand the principal is the administrater ;it is his job to know these thing .He should be held responsible. He drop the ball on this one.He should be held accountable
He didn’t mind making the little girl write an apology. Where is his? Hey, this clown won’t even face the news crew! Coward!!!

i agree with you joe. It’s not the cook’s responsibility to know each and every kid and their health issues, but it is the principals! and really before dealing out punishment there should have been enough common sense to investigate two allegations “she stole” and “i’m diabetic my blood sugar is low” i mean both a pretty serious and easy to figure out…
but i wonder how the girl eventually got her bs up. obviously she’s not in the hospital right now.

i agree with the parents wanting to educate. that’s great! but not with their “not wanting anyone to get into trouble over this”… this is their daughter’s life! if it was my kid i would make a huge to do over this, make an example out f it all. this is not fun and games, it is the difference between life and death or life and vegetative state from brain damage to a 9 year old girl. it’s not the cook’s fault, but the principal needs to have a bit more done than a slap on the wrist for endangering a child’s life.

It now turns out that not only was the principal showed poor judgement but he was in violation of state mandate that requires every school to give trainning on diabetes. As administrator he is responsible in seeing that the staff has met the State standards.

Hideing behide closes doors the principal anounces" the issue resolved ".

Not hardly , He needs to be brought to accountablity!!!

They should be grateful it was’nt my child!