Diabetic moms with diabetic kids

Hi Ladies,
I’m working on my motherhood chapter for my Smart Women’s Guide to Diabetes and need to interview some women who have children with diabetes. Are there any women out there willing to answer a few questions?
Thanks in advance!

Sure, I’d be willing to answer some questions.

Sure, no problem.


sure , happy to

Of course!

Hi Amy. Sounds very interesting. I’d love to help out if you are still in need of more moms.

I would be willing to answer some questions.

I’m the author/owner of D-Mom Blog (http://www.d-mom.com)

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sure… my son is 18… so he’s not a child anymore… but he was 9.5 years ago when diagnosed…

Sure I would be willing. I am Type 2 and my daughter just got diagnosed a few weeks ago.

Thanks all! Here are my list of questions. You can post your answers here or if you prefer more privacy (though I will be using some of these in my book!) you can email me at: amy.mercer@comcast.net. Please respond to the questions in more than 1 sentence, think of it as if we are sitting together in a coffee shop dishing about living with diabetes! Also, I am only looking for women who have diabetes themselves and kids with diabetes…

Chapter 9-Motherhood
• How many children do you have? How old?
• What are some of your biggest challenges of motherhood and diabetes? Do you have a hard time balancing work, motherhood and diabetes?
• How do you talk to your children about your diabetes? How do they feel about diabetes?
• Have your children ever had to help you with a low blood sugar? Do you think your children have had to grow up quicker with a mother who has a chronic illness?
• Do any of your children have diabetes? If so, what is it like to manage your diabetes as well as your child’s?
• Do you ever find yourself grouchy with your kids when your sugars are high or low?
• Do you find it hard to put yourself and your health first as a mother with diabetes?
• As a mother, does diabetes take a back seat?
• Do you see any positives of living with diabetes as a mom? For example, do you think living a healthy life or making healthy choices has made you a better role model for your children?
• What advice would you offer a new mother?

OK, I believe I misunderstood what you are looking for. I read that you were looking for Moms of children with T1D. Your questions look like you are looking for Moms with T1D.

I just wanted to be sure I was clear before I throw you off.

yes, thanks for checking. I need diabetic moms with diabetic kids!

Okey dokey…sorry, I cannot help you then.

Good luck!


do you have diabetes?

sorry I can’t help you then either ,

yes I would be willimg to help you. My daughter Kelsie has type 1 for 5 yrs Tammie

Thanks Tammie, do you have diabetes too? I’m looking for parents who have diabetes and diabetic kids…

Amy, my husband has type 2 diabetes, controlled with diet , exercise and metformin meds. My daughter has type 1 and is on an insulin pump. Yes, mealtimes and grocery time is just wonderful at our house.