DiaSend Software

I have just found out about DiaSend from my endocrine doc’s office. What is the info - scoop on this? I notice it does not read Ping remotes.

It pulls all the data (Bg’s, basals, boluses) from the Ping pump using the IR dongle, so I don’t think you really need any of the data off the remote. At first glance, I think it will be a great tool.

Here’s what I found:

You can also see the thread Carmen started on Diasend.


I set up an account last weekend and downloaded my pump. I like it for data management much better than EZ Manager. Plus it worked on Snow Leopard which is a plus for me.

I don’t use the food data base on my Ping if I need to look something up I’d much rather use my I-Pod. I did use EZ Manager to change my alarm tunes and rename my basal rates though so I may still use EZ Manager for that. Other than that I liked how the Diasend info looked. Now if only they would add Dexcom soon…that would be awesome.


I emailed them to ask about Dexcom and they sounded encouraging. Said they are continuing to add to the things we can upload.

We use Compact Plus meters and it’s the first time I’ve ever downloaded them. I like that they use the same cable as the Ping. But of course, since we use the Dex, I want our complete information, not just the little bit you get when using a glucometer.