Downloading pump and cgm

I have an appointment with my endo next week. Does anyone using the ping and Dexcom have a suggestion on how to get all the information downloaded to one place. I have downloaded them separately in the past. Thanks-

Hi Melissa,

You can upload the Ping Pump, the Ping Meter and the Dexcom CGM to Diasend. They provide great, customizable PDF reports. You can also get your Doctor to download, or to view the information directly on their site.

To register for Diasend, go to this link

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In my opinion, it is good that you have a week in which to do this. I ended up having to upload my pump three times in order to get all the data (I use the ping meter, as well as three ultra mini's - the ping meter is too bulky when I'm out so I manually enter most of my bg readings). Then I had to run separate reports for bg readings, carbs, and bolus doses. I then set up an Excel spreadsheet to display them. I called the animas tech people, and they recommended using the Diasend program. I'm waiting for the cable thingy and will then download the program. I have heard good things aobut Diasend, so I am looking forward to an easier and smoother reporting.

I used EZmanger and agreed with my Dr. office what they wanted to see for reports and then emailed them as for BG meters they down loaded them in the office (as well as the pump) while doing the routine checks (wght. blood pressure, etc) by the time the Doc came in he would have the reports. For a while I did the exel file too but now I use diasend for both the pump and my dexcom. It seems to work well although you must do it in advance 3-4 days as sometimes it doesn't go through and you must have a great high speed connection. If you do it far enough in advance your health care provider has more time to look at the complete picture. Good luck.

I also use Diasend. If you want to download your Dexcom to Diasend, you need to have your clinic ID# for Diasend. Without that number, the CGM tab will not be active.

My doctor’s office can also download my devices to Diasend when I go for my appointment if I haven’t already done so.

Hi Dave,

I just went on to register, but dexcom is not listed as a meter. Am i missing something? Thanks-

I just went on to register and didn't even see the dexcom as a meter option. Is this not available in the US? Also, where would you get the clinic ID from? Thanks-

Melissa I can't remember how I registered but I do know you need a number from your doctors office if it doesn't show in the list. All I know (here in the US) I plug my Seven+ in an USB port on my PC and start Diasend and it automatically starts to upload it even says Dexcom Seven Plus (each with a trademark sign) being uploaded. It takes a fairly longtime with a 7 mbs upload speed. Mine has been going for 10 minutes now while I answered this.
Just try to connect and see what happens.


Once you register the Animas Ping Pump, you'll be asked if you have any other devices you want to register. You need to choose the Animas Ping Meter and the Dexcom CGM. I believe that you'll get the opportunity to choose them, once you registered the pump.


I telephoned my clinic and asked for the clinic id# for Diasend. One of the CDE’s called me back with the number. Once I put that number in under my profile, the CGM tab became active.

Does Diasend accept any other meters besides the remote? I use the verio iqs... Thanks!!! This is all great information to know I can get my pump and cgms info combined!

Diasend downloads a ton of different meters. You can check their website for a list of compatible meters. If you have Windows 8 though you may have a problem as a lot of companies don’t have cables yet for Windows 8. You may need to order a cable from Lifescan if the Verio doesn’t alredy come with a cable. If you’re in the United States or Canada they have the cgm tab blocked off now. That’s a recent change, even with a clinic ID the cgms tab will no longer work.

Is there any reason to upload both the Ping meter and the Ping Pump? Do the contain any different information?


The ping meter downloads your glucose readings, while the pump downloads all of the items in the History section (Bolus, Total Daily Dose, Prime, etc.)

Thanks for the reply! I'm in the u.s.. Do you mean Diasend blocks off cgm for all Windows versions or just Windows 8? I have 7 now and it won't do me much good if the cgms tab is blocked.... thanks!

Hi all, just tried to upload my dexcom 7+ to diasend, seems the diasend uploader recognizes the dex, but the CGM tab will not highlight for the reports whatsoever. I just got off the phone with Diasend (USA) they said that dexcom isnt compatible with diasend service in North America as of right now. they said that hopefully soon it will be. I am assuming that there is a "corporate" conflict going on here, just a guess...

Originally I was getting the Dex to download once I had my clinic id#. Then they disabled the CGM because Dex had not had the Diasend download approved by the FDA (or Dexcom is not paying Diasend a fee???). Someone told me that Dexcom purchased another data company a year or so ago and the worry is that Dexcom will not ever end up being compatible with Diasend. I assume that once the Vibe is released in the USA that there will be some software that allows both the pump and CGM download.

Right now I’m sick of all the pump, CGM, meter companies, and the FDA who don’t/won’t let me have all of my data in the same place where it can be analyzed and compared.


I think I read that you can upload the cgm data if you register as an international user. Diasend will probably be approved as part of the vibe approval, or in conjunction with it.