Diasend & t:slim X2: when compatible?


I recently got the new t:slim X2 in mid November. It is not yet compatible with diasend. Diasend support would or could give me no eta on when uploads from X2s would be possible. I find that a bit odd since it is clear that the diasend upload software recognizes my X2 as a t:slim & uploads the data but then stops short of accepting the data.

Tandem support tells me this problem is solely up to diasend to resolve. (As a side note, I am a bit frustrated with Tandem. I bought the X2 thinking it would hook up with the Dexcom G5 now. Instead, not FDA approved to communicate with G5 yet. AND I can no longer even get all my pump, dexcom, & glucose meter data uploaded to one place, diasend, because the X2 does not communicate with diasend yet. I was expending MORE data integration not LESS! Especially not less!)

I am wondering if anyone has heard when diasend might resolve this. I think providers who pay for diasend might get a better answer than a patient. ( I do not pay for their services and it is my understanding that patients generally do not pay for diasend. So providers are the ones who keep them in business.)

Has anyone heard a real eta on X2-diasend compatibility?


I’ll ask our DHF twitter profile to see if anyone will respond there. I’ll let you know. It’s very frustrating when you are expecting more and you get less

Diasend’s response on Twitter was “thanks for asking - it should be soon”

Well, thanks for trying Marie. What is this twitter group that you posted to? Is it somehow restricted?

no group, no restriction. Please follow us on twitter @diabeteshf
I believe diasend’s twitter handle is @diasend

what’s yours? my twitter handle is @MarieBe

FYI. Full compatibility between Diasend and the Tandem t:slim X2 should now be available including cgm data upload when running integrated with the Dexcom G5.