Animus ping and the diasend uploader also problems with Animus

Hello everyone,
I am on the ping pump and I got a new computer with windows 8. Problem is I can no longer use the EZ manager program.

After two years of trying, I finally got the Diasend uploader and a special cord to download my pump info so I can print it out and take it to my Endo.

Well, I can never get it to download. On top of that the program print is so small no one can read it.

My Endo hates this program and also hates the Animus Ping.

Another problem I'm having is the fact that Animus is not sending me updated information.
Like I just learned that the new pump is available from my educator, I also learned that Animus no longer wants people to swim with their pumps.
I've also had extremely unfriendly people to deal with on the phone from Animus.

When it's time to change pumps, my doc wants me to go Medtronic. I'm frustrated. Also my insurance doesn't cover the CGM. What's with that? Why invent these life saving and life easing medical devices if people can't get them?
Thanks so much.,

Jewels - I had the same problem recently with trying to download my Animas pump and upload the information to Diasend. I did get it to work eventually.

If you have not done this, go to and download the driver and information on how to get the IR device to work with Windows 8. You will need to disable automatic updates to your computer to be able to use the IR device because Windows 8 thinks it is different device. I printed out the slides that guide you through it and went through the instructions step by step - and it worked.

Once you do that, you should be able to get the information to upload to Diasend. It is not fast. You have to disconnect from your pump, put it into suspend and keep the pump awake. I just hold the light button on top of the pump. It did work once I got the IR stuff straightened out. Diasend puts together a nicer report than the Animas software.

I have had some recent issues with Animas. Also, that is the first I have heard about Animas not wanting people to swim with their pumps.I think they are still promoting that you can swim with it on their website.

I can honestly say my recent experience dealing with Medtronic was not great either. I was checking into their pumps as my warranty is up on my PING in June.

It is your diabetes so if you are happier with an Animas pump, I would not have any Endo tell me what pump to use. I do not trust any Endo who pushes one technology over another as it says to me that they might be getting compensated in some way - like free lunches, gifts, etc. I know this is cynical, but it does happen.

My Endos office gave me information on all the pumps I am interested in - Animas, Medtronic, Insulet (the Pod), and the TSlim. They said they would be happy with any of them as they have patients using them all.

Your doctor might be able to make a case for you using CGM to your insurance company. If you are having lots of lows or having lows at night and are unaware of them - those would be reasons to use a CGM. You still have to do finger sticks though.

I discovered you need a different cord for the diasend program it looks just like your ping download cord for ezmanager, but it is different