Diasend Uploader website

Does anyone use the "Diasend" website for sharing Animas pump info with your doctor? I think the concept is great, but the site seems to be so slow... any thoughts/comments?

I agree with the slowness. I also do not think the site is laid out all that well. I find it difficult to navigate from report to report and find what I actually want. To be fair I have not used it a whole lot.

My endo isn't set up yet to use it, but I do print the reports to a file and email them when needed. I agree that it could be set up a bit better, but I've used it a lot and have gotten used to it. Haven't found it slow at all.

The site seems about normal, as far as speed goes, for me. The Diasend Uploader takes me right to the site, and while I admit, it was a bit confusing to find my way around the first few times, it's become easier the more I use it. Like others have said, i just use it to print (and sometimes save to .pdf) my reports, and take them to my endo...who likes them a lot.

The Diasend UPLOADER takes a while to get data from the pump, but doesn't seem to be any slower than the EZManager software.

I like it. It has taken me a while to learn where everything is but I find it to be a great tool. Better than writing all this info down. I wish it did download faster but once it's downloaded it seems to be as fast as anything else I use.

I've had little or no issues with Diasend. My Endo office uses this tool. I also use EzMax as a backup, since my Endo office also uses this and I could provide a print out if they choose not to support Diasend, or I change my Dr office and they don't use Diasend.

As for speed issues, it could also be an issue with your internet browser (I use FireFox) or an ISP issue (I use a cable provider). Can you provide any other information, like are you having issues possibly with other sites or is it just Diasend?

I think it may be an issue with the sevice provider, Diasend is a secure and encrypted site and i think that is why it seems slow. I also use Ez Max as a backup. But overall I do like using Diasend as my Endo uses it in their office an they can communicate any recomendations/changes quickly.

Yes it takes forever to load but once it is on there it's great. I love that my dr can look into it and suggest stuff without me having to send faxes or additional emails. I just recently started using it and love it. Have to have patience when uploading that is true. :)

I upload my stuff...it seems to work fine for me. I haven't been to the doc yet to see their end and to see if it's helpful. They will see my numbers but not what causes the highs and lows.

Speaking of diasend...can someone tell me if there's any point in writing down everything I eat any more? And have anyone found a computerized system that works yet? Any suggestions on apps or websites would be appreciated.

I do still write down what I eat and when, but only when I'm having issues with highs or lows. Then I try to repeat what I ate the day(s) I had issues and can see if there are any patterns to particular foods.

I love the way the reports look and how it's laid out. I have not shared with my Dr as I think that they seem pretty comfy with my ezmax print outs...and they have their hands full with the variety of reports from a variety of meters as it is.

Diasend is a very slow site. I think the EZManager, which is not an on-line data system is equally as slow. Recently, I had my first pump check with my endo (I have seen the CDE several times) and remembered that the Diasend program was problematic on the clinic's computer system, so I brought my laptop to the appointment. My endo was very impressed, both with my progress and the data stored in EZ Manager. He ask that I bring my laptop back in three months fopr my next appointment.

Diasend now uploading Dexcom 7+.
Im not sure if this topic has been discussed yet, It seems diasend is allowing Dexcom uploads as of the first of April (with a software update). Im glad to see they allow the info to be combined on one site, but it seems to only give trend graph overlays on the comparison charts, and the trend charts. The dexcom DM3 software is much more detailed. check it out.

Where did you get the software update?

When I brought up the Diasend uploader window for my recent pump upload, the loader had a message in the window stating something about accepting some new devices, dexcom being one of them, and to update the uploader software. After doing that and rebooting, I plugged in the dex, the uploader recognized it, then it asked to enter username/pw to verify. It almost seemed to have a bit of a glitch if I recall when clicking the verify button, I had to click it several times before it worked.

Holy Dexcom Batman. I didn't get the message you did Jaybyrd, but after I u/l my pump I plugged in the dex and away it went! Thanks!