Diaversary coming up!

So, my diaversary ( anniversary if being diagnosed) is coming up in a few mos and I’m thinking about what I want to do to celebrate…

All u people out there…do u celebrate or what? I figure, it’s been 15 yrs, 15 yrs of ups n downs, life, love and. So much more than just dealing with this crap! That’s something to celebrate, right?!?

I’m planning to do special things…going to visit relatives in nov

Congrats!! Always good to stop and reflect how far you have come.

I know many celebrate their diabetes diagnosis anniversary, but I don’t. But I do like the idea of celebrating success of any nature. Making a mental note of all the things that you do to mitigate the effects of diabetes and recognize how your willful choices make your life healthier sounds like a good habit to me. Happy diaversary!

I almost died. I was 11 months old and I was so very close to death. I don’t celebrate my diaversary, I celebrate every day! I’m so grateful for my life, I’m so grateful that my parents didn’t have to bury their baby. I literally mentally tell myself “Way to freaking go!” every single morning because I didn’t die through the night (I know it’s unlikely with modern treatments, but I still have fears from R and N). When I’m able to open up a jar by myself, I congratulate myself (I have neuropathy in my hands). When I keep my BGs where I want them, I do a little dance (seriously). When I’m having a really good diabetes day, I’ll tell people that I’m winning at diabetes. And then, when I’m having a rough time, I just remember that nothing is as bad as being a tiny, helpless child, dying the in arms of her mother, something I came so close to.

Every day is a gift, and I (we all) work so hard to live the best life we can. We deal with so many ups and downs (literally and figuratively) I choose to celebrate every day. That’s my take on diaversaries.

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