I just found this awesome site

thanks to another post by someone, I came across this great site called cafepress.com and I am buying this shirt http://shop.cafepress.com/design/34888849

I bought it in black (maternity size) with the pink lettering and wore it to my local JDRF walk this last Saturday. The Omnipod reps FREAKED OUT over it. None of them had ever heard of cafepress. I love the shirt.

Just know that when it arrives, if you get it in a dark color, it takes a single cold washing to get the silkscreeny goo off the front. They ship very quickly and have good quality products.

I would love to see someone wearing the shirt. I hope you meet some fun people.

Very cool. Thanks for sharing this. I’m getting in blue for Caleb.

I might be jumping the gun alittle, I bought on as well. I will be getting my pump in a couple of weeks and I want to wear it to my first pump orientation. I want to show my DE and Endo as well! LOL. :slight_smile: